Week 58 Christmas Eve Arrest

So sense I’m the only person with a white skin color in my area I was chosen to be Father Christmas… me.

week 58 santaWeek 58 santa2

Christmas in Uganda is called Sekkukulu and to celebrate it starts on the 20th and ends on the 31st and during that whole time people just destroy food. No presents are given just neighbors invite over everyone in the compound and they all eat!

So I was able to call my parents this Christmas and this year I was blessed to also talk to Sophia, Treyton, my Grandma and Grandpa Moncur, Scotty, as well as Travis and CaMee Nichols family!!! So big shoutout to all of you who said hi even if it was for only 6 seconds!!

This Christmas away from home was much easier id say, mostly because I’m comfortable where I am now Uganda is my home. But like any home there are always complications. So the reason why I’m emailing today and not yesterday is because me and my companion actually got arrested on the 24th. We were driving home and I did a U turn. Not even 5 seconds latter 2 bikes with officers showed up yelling at us that we did a Illegal U turn, I asked where the sing was that said I was not supposed to turn (because it wasn’t there) they told me it was there I was just to blind to see it. (We went back there today and there is still no sing) anyway after getting to the police station and talking to the cell guards we made a few phone calls settled on a fine of 100,000 UGS well I did not have that $ on me then one of the guards said ” if you pay me and my guys 50,000 UGS we will let you go with no charges” once we paid the “fine” which was really a bribe they wished us a merry Christmas and said “God Bless you for supporting us!” so yeah my home is pretty corrupt.  This arrestment, and traffic violation never went or record and the officers refused to ever tell us their names.

So that’s my Christmas miracle is that I’m not in prison until the 7th of January!!

Hope all is well for you!

Elder Moncur

Lake Victoria

Week 58 lake victoriaWeek 58 lake victoria2


Week 59 New Year 2018

Week 59

January 1, 2018

We had a bbq today for the first of the year! 1kg of chicken 1kg of pork 2 kg of beef and 2 kg of vegetables for the flavor!!! And 4LT of soda! All for 22 USD (80,000 UGX)

week 59 bbqweek 59 bbq2week 59 food1

Lake Victoria!

week 59 lake victoria

And this man (Amos) he built that house from scratch in 12 days!! The bricks, cement, and all! Only thing he bought was the roof sheets!!!

week 59 Amos

This New Year is the year I return home! It’s kinda weird to say that because honestly this country has become my home!

Not a lot happened this week really, like at all. We had a baptism this Sunday and it was pouring rain and the water was freezing but the spirit was there and I enjoyed the service! This next year me and my companion want to slow down on the baptisms and just want to help the ward! So we will only teach people who want the Gospel we wont do finding anymore. This year our mission The Uganda Kampala Mission had 1,166 baptisms and now the goal for this year is to get a temple into Uganda! What is needed is a lot of work. But truly it’s not that far away. In the year of 2018 (mom you will have to explain what all these “Mormon lingo” words mean) we will be getting another stake in Kampala. 1 stake needs 5 wards 1 ward needs 200 members making a total of 4 for the country. Also in the bush/ village parts of the country the branches that are really far away will be created into 4 districts 1 district requires 3 branches. 1 branch needs 40 members as per now we only need 3 more wards to create the remaining stake and only 4 branches to make the 4 districts (1 branch for each district sense the areas in most locations already have 2 branches) now most of what I just said will not make to much sense, but it makes me excited for Uganda to progress!!

Hope you all had a Happy New Year!!!

Weeks 54-57 Catch up

Week 55: December 3, 2017

week 55 Elder Anim


So my mom won’t let me send pictures of it, but we killed and ate a cat today. If you want pictures you can ask my brother Ethan or Treyton Winborg for them!

This week was stressful at best.  But I made it!

So the cat bit my hand and its kind of hard to type right now so I’ll is short.

I split firewood for a family that we are teaching. The mother in the pic is taking care of all of her extended family because the parents ether died or left them.

Week 55 kids

Week 55 splitting wood

What I learned this week is if you have a problem with someone be bold in expressing your feelings, but don’t insult them. And after you express what you want, listen to them as well. After that ask how you can improve. It’s what I have learned this week.

Love you all have a happy Christmas season!!

week 55 chameleon

A chameleon for my sister. It’s alive!

Week 56: December 11, 2017

Cat bite has no infection!!!! I’m alive.

New car (truck) it’s a 2018 ISUZU. I call it my space ship.

week 56 Isuzu

So this week I was busy but also not very busy. We taught lessons and tried our best but nothing mentionable really, got a hat for free! That was cool (pic 2)

week 56 hat alesia

We are teaching a girl who is named Alesia, she is Muslim but after a few weeks of teaching she is now getting baptized the 17th of this month, this morning we went to her house and washed clothes for 2 hours with her sister Tracy. Washing by hands is different but not that bad, if you think about it, it takes the same time as a washing matching but you are the one washing and can’t do other things.

So the new car is a beast. I can’t describe it but this is the first time in my life I drive a new car, and sense I have never been driving a car newer than 2007. It’s quite an upgrade it’s like having a flip phone to an iPhone

So that that’s all I got for this week it’s the city what can I say…. Enjoy the week everyone!!

Week 57: December 18, 2017

Settlers of Catan

week 57 settlers

Fetching water

week 57 hauling water

Bad football turf burn

week 57 soccer wipeout

Elder Young getting a Dear John (girlfriend dumped him)

week 57 young john

Elder Young leaving for Rwanda

week 57 young goodbye

Almost blew out my knee this Saturday in a football game, I went for a header and while I was in the air some guy ran into me and I fell sideways. But we won the game 2-0 so it was worth it!

So I have no time to talk today. We had a baptism for the Muslim girl, she changed her name to Trinity. It is the custom for Muslims or Christians to change their names to a Christian/ Muslim name…  it’s quite interesting.

So that’s all I got for today I have to go back to Kampala again…

Week 54 Chicken Feet


week 54 thanksgiving.JPG

A goat on a termite mound

week 54 goat

MY comp cleaning the baptismal font,

week 54 font

And chicken feet with grasshoppers!

week 54 chicken feet

So I hate rain. Let me explain why… if it but sprinkles hear in the pearl of Africa no one comes on time to anything, even if the rain is at 6AM people will be late to everything in the course of the day till evening… we had a baptism this Saturday and he was going to come to church at 10am like normal. But because of the rain (that happened at 5 am) he was late and we weren’t able to do the confirmation part where he gets Holy Ghost, so the baptism was incomplete.  So it is kind of a big deal. So now days I pray for a drought in Uganda so I cannot stress about people being late all day.

Well our teaching pool is getting a bit better we don’t get bounced 24/7 now its just half the time but that’s normal hear. Our new struggle is just getting people to church; the main cause of people not coming is from the previous mentioned.

So chicken feet were weird for sure, if you have ever eaten octopus just imagine that but with a crunchy center. But grasshopper I destroy I eat them almost every day! Also we are going to try and eat a cat soon so stay tuned

So this past week I have learned patience for sure, it took me 1 1/2 hours to drive 1 kilometer this week. Freak that was rough, but now days I’m stress free when it comes to waiting for things like anything, and it has helped me when it comes to prayers to my heavenly father, I’m willing to wait months even years for some answers, I just recently received one answer I have been looking for about 5 years now, I’m sure some people reading this email are or have waited longer for something but just know that God hears you, and loves you. If you feel like you need it sooner fast about it. Read Isaiah 58:9 it has helped me with prayer and fasting.

Love you all have a great week!

Elder Moncur

Week 53 nothing goes as planned

Week 53

week 53 selfie

November 20, 2017

Whelp another week. This week was rough for me and Elder Anim (pic 2). None of our investigators are serious. After 25 new investigators (all via knocking doors) none of them came to the return appointments, so yeah sad week. But we had a conference where I was able to meet Elder Chandler and Sister Ng’Ang’A who were in the MTC with me and so we are all going to go home the same time.

Week 53 Elder Animweek 53 MTC friends

Well after that we went to a meeting with some leaders of the church who are over all South Kampala and that meeting even bounced us… basically nothing went as planned.

What I think the Lord wanted me to learn and still learn is what we learn from Enos in the book of Mormon first in verses 6-7 he learns what faith in the Lord is. In 10-11 Enos has another problem in which the lord fixes for him. And finally in 12 he is faced with a 3rd problem that the Lord fixes. In each verse we read that Enos “struggles/labors” in prayer. So the lord presents us with problems over and over to see if we will struggle through the problem, or give up. If we endure the trial we get blessings. If we give up we either learn nothing. Or the same problem comes back until we learn from it.

Hope you all have a good week! Love you all!

Elder Moncur

Week 52: Nsenene Delight

Week 52

November 13, 2017

One year. Wow. 

week 52 comp

Elder Phiri is on his way home!

week 52 selfie

New comp Elder Anim (pronounced Enim) from Ghana Accra

week 52 streets

Entebbe overlooking the grasslands

week 52 grasshopper

Insenanay (grasshopper that tastes like shrimp) (note: actual spelling is Nsenene).

week 52 planner

My planner with Bon Jovi lyrics on it.

This week was busy as usual; I think every week is though, so just a normal week. Olivia turns 12 today so wish my younger sister a happy birthday if you can!

Elder Anim is a stud he is jacked, good looking and loves talking to people! He is very opposite of Elder Phiri and my later companion Elder Trippe, so big adjustment not being the one who talks the most. But I enjoy it!

So spiritual moments this week was from two guys we met this week, one was Richard and we are preparing him for baptism on the 3rd of December. We were teaching him the Plan of Salvation and we asked him ” rich you are 18 years old. Have you ever thought of where you were 20 years ago?” and Richard just looked at us and said ” yes I have, and I have been looking for this answer for all my life, whatever you are about to tell me ill believe you” now truly that put a lot of stress on me and my companion, but this man saw us a missionaries and the spirit was a witness to what we were teaching. That amount of trust a person gains dose not happen in 3 days without a spiritual witness.

Second man I forgot his name. But I’ll still tell the story.

When we introduced the Book of Mormon to him he thought we gave him a Bible, so obvious he was excited (Bible’s are very expensive here) but then as we explained what the book really was, he said ” I thought there were only 2 testaments of Jesus Christ, and you have to pay $ to be saved. But you two just did many things for me, you showed me the truth behind Christ and God, and you gave me an additional testament to help me understand that what you just shared is the truth, thank you.”

These two stories both relate to the Book of Mormon, “this book” is more than a book. It’s a witness.

Love you all hope you have a great week!


Week 51 GoodBye Elder Phiri

Week 51

November 6, 2017

Well this week I found a shortcut to Kampala on a road that is under construction! I can make it to Kampala in 20 minutes on this new bypass road! All you have to do is bribe the guard with some food and he lets you onto the road!

week 51 julius

This Tuesday I was in Kololo (my first area) and I was able to visit Julius who just put his mission papers in!!! So exciting, and also a family that me and my companion baptized, Charles (dad), Veronica (mom), Collin, Faith, and Franklin are all preparing to go to the temple to be sealed as a family for eternity in S.A. Johannesburg this coming January!!!!

week51 charles veronica

Other pictures:

week 51 brother emma

We went digging for Brother Emma. He is from South Sudan and used to be an insurrectionist rebel! Yeah he has some cool stories…

So the drink is just pineapple juice. We used like 15 pineapples and loads of water and sprite. But what we were mimicking is local moonshine drinks called Maurua where like 20 people sit in a circle and drink out of a pot or bathtub all night long. it smells disgusting

My companion Elder Phiri will be going home to Zimbabwe this week. He has been a blast to serve with and has been such a true friend! I’m going to miss this guy for sure,

I think that’s all for this week! Spiritually wise I have nothing to say but to study Christ and how he suffered and taught his Apostles. He only had 3 short years to organize a church and all its leadership. While doing this he healed and loved all who were with him. And at the end he was betrayed and killed for his efforts. But yet he conquered death, and his Chief Apostle was so excited that on realizing he had returned, Peter jumped out of his boat and swam to shore just to reach his savior faster. I believe that if all of us study what Christ did we to will forget ourselves and “jump off the boat.”

I hope the week was well and that this one coming will be even better!

Love you all!

Elder Moncur