Week 48 Car Trouble

Week 48

October 16, 2017

week 48 selfie

So I broke the back window to the Hilux, and now we had to drive to Kampala today to get it fixed. And it turns out there was a lot wrong with the car so now we are driving a Ford Ranger 6speed. And it is a monster… way fun though! The pics of the car is the inside of the Ranger

week 48 car 2Week 48 car 1

So we get very pretty views of the lake. And found a guy with another Alaska shirt!! That’s 3 shirts so far!

week 48 alaska shirt

week 48 Lake Victoria

This week nothing to crazy happened, we had 2 people get baptized which was real great and exciting to see two people showing their desire to follow Christ!

This week has been stressful for sure though, I enjoy the new responsibility and I’m learning a lot, please keep me in your prayers for this week. Driving is very stressful some times; the big problem is traffic and the lack of time in the day to meet everyone we need to meet. For instance on Friday we left our flat at 6AM drove for 2 1/2 hours (in traffic) then had a 5 hour meeting, then got stuck in traffic again and got home around 11 at night. So just being sleep deprived and trying to drive in the pearl of Africa can be at times…. taxing. But I’m still happy as ever when I get to be a missionary and just teach people the gospel in Entebbe!!

Hope all is well your side have a great week!!


Week 47 What Median?

week 47 Toyota Hilux
Toyota Hilux

October 9, 2017

Week 47

So this week was a full week of driving. oh my goodness… to describe just one of the roads here in this wonderfully organized country: so there is a 2 lane road going through the town of Entebbe, and they are building another 2 lanes just next to it so when it’s done each direction of traffic will have 2 lanes to travel on instead of one. This additional road is split by a by a median.

Well during the day life goes on, one road is getting work done on it, while the other road is just doing its normal thing. But at night oh boy, the construction company removes the road blocks because people will steal them, now all 4 lanes are free for cars to use. So trucks, cars, and semi trucks hop the median and In EACH lane a car can be driving towards each other so its like a game of Mario kart on the level Midnight Highway.

week 47 rainforest

Also this week we had a meeting on a mountain/ rainforest resort with all the other missionaries who are called Zone Leaders, (guys that drive cars and deliver supplies to surrounding missionaries in other units/church buildings). We wore normal clothes for this meeting because we had to climb the mountain and we got rained on hard!! But I learned a lot about certain aspects of the gospel. The purpose of the meeting was to show people how love is applicable in all aspects of the church and our lives! And the biggest thing is we need not be intimidated by other people. If you love and trust the Lord you will do what he asks of you regardless of what the world says.

Week 47 boys
Carter didn’t say what these boys were carrying, but it looks heavy, and the trash in the background must have a story too. I will ask him next week. -Mom

Over all it was a good week, I’m really enjoying Entebbe! I got a feeling I’ll be hear for a spell so I’m sure I’ll have more driving stories for you guys!

Hope you all have a good week! Love you!

Elder Moncur

Week 47 cows
Those are some big old horns on that cow! 

Week 46 Entebbe

Week 46

October 2, 2017

week 46 Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria

So my companion is Elder Phiri he is from Zimbabwe and is 28 years old and this first week with him has been so much fun! This man is the must humble person you have ever met! (He is the dark one in the selfie.) I actually forgot to take a good pic with him so ill send one next week! The other two in the pic is Elder Young USA and Elder Dlahmini From Swaziland! Also LAKE victoria practically surrounds us!!

week 46 selfie

So driving hear is insane, the lord is protecting me for sure. Only 4 close calls this week though so it was a good week! Here diesel is the cheaper fuel and petrol is expensive. It’s about $1 per liter! Entebbe has the state house here so for lack of a better term it’s like I’m in DC so lots of crazy drivers. The president of Uganda is my neighbor, and there’s some crazy cult that kills 19-30 year olds for sacrifices. So far there has been 38 confirmed murders last month.

Spiritually wise the Unit in Entebbe is strong! They meet in a house that the church rents and they love to help missionaries with the work. We can call anyone in the unit and they will try their level best to help us with out question! In the neighboring unit called Kajjansi an elder found a family of 25 people all living in the same house! So we had to drive out there to deliver some Book’s of Mormon so the whole family did not have to share one book!

week 46 entebbe peeps

I have been super busy this week and I have only been in Entebbe for less than a week so I don’t have too much to talk about for now.

I hope all is well I love you all!!

Elder Moncur

week 46 Matambalas house
Brother Matambalas’ House in Mukono. Matambalas is like a second father to me.
week 46 lizard
Lizard in Entebbe
week 46 goat meat
Goat meat with fermented rice

Week 45 Worms and Automobiles

Week 45

September 25, 2017


week 45 2So to explain the title of this email. Elder Trippe and me have a worm problem.

There is a certain fly in Uganda that lay’s eggs on to wet/damp clothes, and when a person wears the clothes that the eggs are laid on the eggs hatch! So yeah been dealing with that all week. Lucky for us though they don’t go into your blood stream or anything they more just act like a mosquito and stay on the surface of your skin… but still it sucked!

week 45 3

And for the second part of my title. So the transfer news has come! And I have been called as a Zone leader for Entebbe, (a Zone Leader basically is in charge of missionaries who are serving in multiple church buildings/ units in a surrounding area) which means me and a companion now have to deliver supplies and transport missionaries via car. So now I’m driving in a city of 20 million people on the wrong side of the road in a stick shift… the only way I can describe it is its like the video game GTA except that there are not even cops, and cows crossing the street is a regular.

week 45 1

My last day in Mukono was a special one. We had 4 people get baptized and saying my goodbye to the ward was bitter at best. This place has become my home and the members of Mukono have been my family.

Hope all is well love you guys​

Elder Moncur

Week 44 Matambala

Week 44

September 18, 2017

week 44 uganda cranes jersey

Uganda cranes!!!!! (soccer aka Football jersey)

Bro Matambala, James

And a toad (scroll to the bottom)

This week was hard. Lots of prep for next week basically we are planning for 4 baptisms we had 5 but one of them is practically enslaved to his parents and cant make it to church

So Brother Matambala is the man I wan to talk about this week because my week was disappointing and busy and boring.

week 44 matambala

This man is 52 years old and is in charge of the missionary work for Mukono

He is a landlord for about 4 houses (1 room) and he has established a farm system that makes it so every food you can imagine grows all year round, (except things that are seasonal) but he has to do virtually no work, he made is own miniature Forrest, so all he has to do is go pick the fruit or veggie, then make sure to throw the seeds back into the Forrest and it will make more!  He has pigs and chickens in there as well that feed off the smaller plants.

week 44 potatoes

So next week I’ll be getting transfer news to see where my next adventure will be. I could stay in Mukono for another 6 weeks, but you never know!

Hope all is well love you all!

Elder Moncur

week 44 mukono peepsweek 44 toad

Week 43 picture overload!

Week 43

September 11, 2017

week 43 golf course 1 selfie

We went exploring on the golf course! Had a baptism and did some gym stuff at the church!

Sister AIDAH has been coming to church for 7 months now, the reason why she was not baptized is because she is super smart! To let you know let me explain the school system

week 43 church parallelweek 43 cleaverweek 43 baptism

School starts in UG at age 3, and you go till age 6, which is called E 1-3

Then after that you go to a primary school for 7 years P1-7

And then high school, which is 1-4 but if, you want to go to college (university) you have to go to high school for an extra 2 years!

AIDAH is now 16 and has graduated high school and the extra 2 years. And will be starting college in January…

So for lack of a better term she has been busy.

Um that’s all for this week, I have been very busy this week no crazy stories (for half the week I think I had typhoid but I’m good now)

Hope you are all doing fine and dandy!!

Week 42 The Nile

September 4, 2017

Pork Joint!

week 42 Pork Joint
1,000,000 UGS in sets of 50,000 (its only $277 USD)
week 42 UGS
Rain Rain Rain! We have gotten so much flooding the past week!
Week 42 raincoat
THE NILE!!!  We went to Jinja to buy some souvenirs and wow its beautiful out here!

And we really aren’t supposed to take pictures of the Nile here because it is near a prison and the police will take your camera in case you are trying to make plans to break someone out.
Week 42 Nile
Lots of work this week! we have been so so busy! One thing I’m trying to do these days is just plan effectively, today I’m going to explain how my normal mornings go: 6;30 wake up and work out, 7-8 shower, get dressed, eat, 8-9;30 study 9;30-10 plan, then from that we go digging (ditches, clear farm land, cut trees etc.) for 2-3 hours go home cook lunch then after that we are out from 3-9 teaching people about Jesus!

This week I have had the very sweet experience to see a sister here in Uganda discover that the book of Mormon is true, she said she was reading the pamphlets that we gave to her sister, and she felt this “Burning” to read the Book of Mormon as she read she felt that burning turn into a “growth of warmth” so when we came to meet with her older sister, before we could even get into the door she stopped us and begged us for her own personal copy!

Week 42 faith
So I got some news, I’ll be leaving Mukono on the 27th of September, I can’t tell you where I’m going yet because it’s subject to change. But it’s confirmed I am leaving! It’s been long in Mukono, but TBH I’m ready for something new.

love you all have a great week!

Not sure what they are doing here, but it looks like they are moving a shack into a truck!

week 42 shack in a truck