Week 84 Sorry Mom! :)

June 25, 2018

Week 84

So my mom wanted longer weekly’s and more pictures, but nothing happened this week.  I don’t even have a picture for this week haha…. sorry mom.

Like nothing happened. I’m trying to think right now as I’m typing this.

So one constant struggle this past 2 weeks is me and my comp have been trying to weed out the fakes and so far EVERYONE is not very serious we have been working hard but 0 success has happened so we need to change our tactics for this next week! So wait until next week to see if it works!

We have a baptism this Saturday for a guy named Robert van! I’ll talk about him next week too!

Love you!

Sorry, Mom 😉


PS.. He later sent me two pictures of his new shoes!


Week 83 Wedding Uganda Style

Week 83

June 18, 2018

So this week I finally got to go to a wedding. It has been my dream to go to one of these for most of my mission! The wedding is called an introduction where the guy introduces himself and pays the dowry, “bride price,” to the family. So the husband here is a doctor in Canada.  Here is a list of the stuff he had to pay for his bride:


15 kids elementary education (can range up to 100-300USD per semester with 3 semesters in a year)

20 crates of soda

150 kg of sugar

50 kg of rice

A cow

10 chickens

A solar panel 3ft-2ft

And a promise to visit the family in Uganda every Christmas for the next 20 years. And to have his wife become a resident of Canada with him.

Week 83 wedding

Next cool thing this week was a baptism of Charles. So Charles was not religious for a long time till he got hit by a car and lived! From there he walked to the closest church by his house (the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints). Now to add on top of that he also has been looking for a job for a few years and he said if he got a job as well then god is real. Well sometimes god dose answer prayers! The 2nd week of him attending church someone called him and asked him to work for them! He is very well off now and very happy to see god in his life again!

Week 83 Charles baptism

That is all for this week. Here is a pic of Kampala Square!

Week 83 Kampala square

Week 82 Kampala City

Week 82 Oakleys

Selfie with some Oakley’s I found

Week 82 RRtracks

A railroad going to nowhere

Week 82 Taxis

The taxi stage each taxi fits about 20 people

Well I don’t know what to talk about today. Like we had a great week but nothing exciting happened.

For p day today I showed off my sweet skills of being a city rat and took my district all over Kampala to buy fun stuff, I got a genuine leather belt, 3 hand made suit pants, and 1 Rolex and 1 omega watch (the watches were fake) all for like 30$!! This was my birthday present to me and it was quite the adventure.

I know I’m boring

We should have a baptism this next week for a guy named Charles he is super powerful and down to earth but I’ll talk about him next week!

That’s all for this week. Hope you all enjoy!

Elder Moncur

Week 81 Signs

Transfer news!!!

Week 81 sign

We are all staying the same. That’s it haha..

Found some goofy signs this week so thought I would send those bad boys.

Week 81 Obama sign

Also we had a baptism this week! She is at the far right of the picture. Her name is J***. The other two in the pic is a dad and his daughter who are both members. The daughter just turned 8 years old so she was ready for baptism and we never taught her or anything.

Week 81 baptism Jean

J*** was the girl who last month her landlord wanted to kick her out but then by a miracle she got the $. Well last week her family almost killed her because she wanted to switch churches. Well she moved houses later and after her baptism she is a new person she is so happy all the time! She bore a powerful testimony

I’m happy she is happy

Well that’s all for this week! All is well!


Week 80 Crocs and Equator

Week 80 Equator.JPG

So we went into the west to the equator today!

We saw a crocodile farm

Week 80 hold Croc

Held a croc, the big looking one is 12-13 feet long and was in this village where it ate 60 people. It would wait in the river after school got out and grab kids as they walked by… not easy

Week 80 Croc

Also this week we have a baptism preparing. We will have one this Friday! Her name is Jean she is the one I talked about a few weeks a go with the rent problems she has seen so many blessing so far ill talk more about her next week!

That’s it for me! I hope you all have a great week!

Week 79 Elder Julius

Week 79 Elder Julius.JPG

Kampala is normal with its crazy drivers and not a lot else! We are working hard and no real stories to tell ha-ha… Julius got set apart as an elder (missionary) this Friday! He is waiting for his visa to go to SA right now so he is serving in Uganda at the moment! So the pics this week is of my all American district! It’s been weird not being around other people from different countries these days…

So I have like nothing to say ha-ha it’s been a busy week but nothing

1 thing that was super funny is my companion is terrible at board/ card games so we tried to let him win but it still didn’t work One of the other missionaries accidentally won because he literally played every peace of Settlers of Catan! Yeah its one of those stories were you think its funny but when you re tell it its not that funny…

Yeah that’s it


Elder Moncur

Week 78

week 78 ultimate

This week 3 super cool things happened. I had my last phone call home, we had a baptism, and I saw a thief get killed by 50 people! (Each has a story)

1 Phone call home was great got to talk to family!

week 78 Helena

2 Baptisms: her name is Helena Nagalanzi she is a Perfect person that was 100% ready for the gospel no questions asked! So proud of her!

3 So I’ll call this thief Jeff. So Jeff stole mobile $ (basically online banking but with your sim card) and he stole the equivalent of 27 cents in USD. Well the crowd of 50 people strait destroyed this poor man… they hit him with a football helmet from there Jeff fell to the ground and was kicked in the ribs and head multiple times. Each time he got kicked he would try and run away until they smashed a wooden stool onto his head then he just gave up. After that they got him onto a boda boda and while still hitting him drove him to the police station to die in his cell… it was rough to see a guy in such a state. Like the lights were on but no one was home once he got smashed by that stool.

All this happened on may 10th Ethan’s birthday, I don’t know why I thought of him after this guy got wrecked, but I did ha-ha.

Well on that note if any of you want to know what happens in this life after we die read 1corinthians 15: 44-45 😉

Or read Alma 34 in the book of Mormon I know that’s where Jeff is right now and I’m sure he is enjoying much more now!

Have a great week hope all is well!

Week 78 field