Week 73 Nurse Moncur

week 73 mosque2

Week 73

April 9, 2018

Went into a really cool mosque this week! It’s the second biggest in Africa! And it used to be the center of Kampala so there is a huge tower you can climb! It’s 100M above the ground so it’s way cool to see my home from up high! (Kampala)

week 73 mosquw.JPG

Also this week I think I became a nurse! All of the zone (26 missionaries) got sick this week besides me and a few others with a strep throat thing… I got this same thing last year so I was immune to the thing but I just drove around helping people stay alive and drink water…

Other than it it’s all fine in dandy in Uganda! This Friday we have a baptism so I’m excited for that! I’ll tell more about him next week!

Have a great week!

week 73 mosque3


Week 72 To Market To Market

Week 72

April 3, 2018

week 72 helping hands selfie.JPG

This week I went to Katwe, and if that name sounds familiar it’s the place in that Disney movie about the girl that plays chess! 3 people got baptized there for the unit out there.

We were supposed to have a baptism this week, but he went back to Juba last minute because his family did not send him $ so he had to leave Uganda. That’s the 3rd person in a row who missed their baptism… it’s very sad and disappointing with all that work going into it. But the Lord is probably trying to teach me something

week 72 helping hands

For Mormon Helping Hands we cleaned out one of the many markets! It was the grossest most disgusting thing I have ever done! We got 3 truck loads full of trash from out of 50 square meters of market space. It was way fun and we had about 40 people there!

That’s all of this week I hope you have a great week as well!

week 72 buildings

Week 71 Leg of Lamb and Bible Bash

Week 71

March 26, 2018

Week 71 leg of lamb.JPG

So this week I had some serious Bible wars with people on a few things and honestly its been exhausting. A discussion is fantastic, but when people scream at you and don’t let you explain things it’s just a waist of time.

Week 71 Carter and Anim

So me and Elder Anim met up for a big Meeting he is still in jinja but I’m glad I got to see him, we tried to duck tape me to the wall but it was not enough (we only had half a roll) so I fell, and the food is Ethiopian food its called keywat the leg of a goat with Injera

This week was nice. I’m busy and getting back into the swing of things. We are trying to get the unit I’m in split before July, but we are having loads of problems with bringing new people into the church because of a lot of anti LDS. Like I’m ok if you don’t want to learn what I believe in, but don’t go bashing me. It’s ok though. Opposition goes both ways so I’m sure they will get bashed one of these days!

All is well hope you have a great week!

Week 71 duck tape

Week 70 No pictures

Week 69

March 19, 2018

Well I’m back in Kampala. Still driving (ZL). It’s okay and I know the Lord wants me hear for something. I don’t know what yet.

I have no pictures for this week and not a lot of time on my hands. We are in charge of 26 missionaries in 6 units in the southern region of Kampala I know this place like the back of my hand so I know a lot of short cuts! We are teaching a lot of south Sudan people and our teaching pool of 30 people are all from 2 families most should be baptized in the coming months

Philippians 4:13 is my motto for being back in Kampala

All things can be done in Christ

Week 69 Transfer back

Week 69

March 12, 2018

Goodbye Jinja! Transfers have come again and guess what? I’m going back to Kampala… yes the place I have spent 15 months and know every road there is. I’m back! It was fun to have this 6 week vacation in Jinja! My new area is called Nsambia it is literally a stone throw away from Kololo where I started my mission!

week 69 digging in the rain.JPG

Digging in the rain

week 69 bananas

Huge banana tree

week 69 goat meat

And goat meat with chips!

So yes I have lived in Kampala my whole mission and yes I am going back, even though this mission covers the east bordering Kenya where you see baboons the size of people and bushmen who drink cows blood, the wild west where volcanoes and heard of zebra graze, and even the northern parts where elephants walk into the town. And not to include the two other countries that this mission covers for proselyting instead…. I’m sent back to Kampala which in retrospect only is encompassing 1/4th of the mission if less than that but one thing keeps me going, first is I know for a fact that the lord is in charge of where I’m to go and who to meet. Second is that my mom told me before I was even called to Africa that I would spend my missionary service in a city. So those to things I’m holding strong to knowing that god is helping me. I have served in very hard areas (almost all of Kampala is the harder areas.) but I have had loads of success more than most missionaries have even if they serve in the Bush. I know god has a plan for me and has been using me to have this success in Kampala for a reason! I’m grateful to have this time in Jinja but to be honest this time in Jinja has been hard for me. The place is beautiful but there are some people hear who just rub me the wrong way so to speak.

So all in all I’m glad to leave Jinja. I’ll miss the bush and want to come back!

Hope you all have a great week!

Week 68 Nile Trip + Selfies

Week 68 Selfie 2

Week 68

March 5, 2018

So I finally got to go see the Nile!! I asked our mission president if we could go out to this super cool location and he said yes only if I could bring everyone else with me (kind of like when you have to bring your siblings along) so we did it! It took me 5 weeks to plan and get all the transport and prices settled but MAN it was the best! I like planning big activities like this! I like seeing big plans all work out for people to have fun!

Week 68 Nile trip1

My companion and most other people wanted nothing to do with this but once they went they said it was super fun (like they always do…) it was 60 kilometers round trip and a total of 325,000 UGX for 35 people to go and see this location.

Week 68 Nile trip2

In other news I learned of god’s trust in prophets so take a look at this: in the old testament (and in the book of Helaman in the Book of Mormon, this prophets name is Nephi) Elijah gets something from God called the “sealing power” basically what it dose is whatever Elijah says it happens, anything moving mountains calling fire from heaven controlling the elements and so on. So both prophets in these two stories bring a plague that kills 1,000s. Now this was a human being using Gods power, so that means that God is allowing a prophet to “call the shots” so to speak, now that means that these men of God are so in tune with God’s will that he will allow them to govern the people by any means necessary! That’s a lot of trust!! It makes me grateful that we have a prophet today that can be so in tune with the will of God to prepare/warn us from dangers ahead. If prophets of old can call down fire and start plagues then for sure the one today can help us as well!

If you want to read these stories read 1Kings 18-20 and Helaman 10-11 to learn more what a prophet can do!

Have a great week!

Week 68 nile trip3Week 68 selfie 3Week 68 selfie 1

“Grammer” Check

Editors Note: Usually I spend a fair amount of time spell checking and grammar checking, but since he mentions it at the end, I am leaving today’s letter from Carter raw and untouched! Ha!

week 67 jinja motorcylce

so this week was great! very busy driving all over creation trying to keep a hold of all the pepole we deliver supplies to! i like it tho! it keeps me busy and on top of things!

i dont know what to talk about this week, jinja is kind of a hard area, everyone lives in the bush but the chaple is in “town” so its a long walk for everyone and all the members are really spread out, im still getting used to my companion he is a interesting guy, he comes from a hard back ground and dose not like to talk about it to much. but from what i know is this guy had to fight for his food most of his life.
week 67 jinja bush
um yeah im enjoying mission! one thing i learned this week is that being humble dose not mean you are quiet. it means you are willing to accept correction and stand for what you feel you need to stand for. if you always submit to the will of others and do what they want you are infact prideful because you are ignoring the will of God. Humility is not bosting of oneself and helping others who are beneath them! if you are felling like you are too loud and need to be quiet to be humble DONT. be yourself and accept that you cant please everyone. the only oppinion you need to worry about is God’s oppionion of you no one else!
hope you like my awful Grammer and have a great week!
week 67 Jinja road