Week 69 Transfer back

Week 69

March 12, 2018

Goodbye Jinja! Transfers have come again and guess what? I’m going back to Kampala… yes the place I have spent 15 months and know every road there is. I’m back! It was fun to have this 6 week vacation in Jinja! My new area is called Nsambia it is literally a stone throw away from Kololo where I started my mission!

week 69 digging in the rain.JPG

Digging in the rain

week 69 bananas

Huge banana tree

week 69 goat meat

And goat meat with chips!

So yes I have lived in Kampala my whole mission and yes I am going back, even though this mission covers the east bordering Kenya where you see baboons the size of people and bushmen who drink cows blood, the wild west where volcanoes and heard of zebra graze, and even the northern parts where elephants walk into the town. And not to include the two other countries that this mission covers for proselyting instead…. I’m sent back to Kampala which in retrospect only is encompassing 1/4th of the mission if less than that but one thing keeps me going, first is I know for a fact that the lord is in charge of where I’m to go and who to meet. Second is that my mom told me before I was even called to Africa that I would spend my missionary service in a city. So those to things I’m holding strong to knowing that god is helping me. I have served in very hard areas (almost all of Kampala is the harder areas.) but I have had loads of success more than most missionaries have even if they serve in the Bush. I know god has a plan for me and has been using me to have this success in Kampala for a reason! I’m grateful to have this time in Jinja but to be honest this time in Jinja has been hard for me. The place is beautiful but there are some people hear who just rub me the wrong way so to speak.

So all in all I’m glad to leave Jinja. I’ll miss the bush and want to come back!

Hope you all have a great week!


Week 68 Nile Trip + Selfies

Week 68 Selfie 2

Week 68

March 5, 2018

So I finally got to go see the Nile!! I asked our mission president if we could go out to this super cool location and he said yes only if I could bring everyone else with me (kind of like when you have to bring your siblings along) so we did it! It took me 5 weeks to plan and get all the transport and prices settled but MAN it was the best! I like planning big activities like this! I like seeing big plans all work out for people to have fun!

Week 68 Nile trip1

My companion and most other people wanted nothing to do with this but once they went they said it was super fun (like they always do…) it was 60 kilometers round trip and a total of 325,000 UGX for 35 people to go and see this location.

Week 68 Nile trip2

In other news I learned of god’s trust in prophets so take a look at this: in the old testament (and in the book of Helaman in the Book of Mormon, this prophets name is Nephi) Elijah gets something from God called the “sealing power” basically what it dose is whatever Elijah says it happens, anything moving mountains calling fire from heaven controlling the elements and so on. So both prophets in these two stories bring a plague that kills 1,000s. Now this was a human being using Gods power, so that means that God is allowing a prophet to “call the shots” so to speak, now that means that these men of God are so in tune with God’s will that he will allow them to govern the people by any means necessary! That’s a lot of trust!! It makes me grateful that we have a prophet today that can be so in tune with the will of God to prepare/warn us from dangers ahead. If prophets of old can call down fire and start plagues then for sure the one today can help us as well!

If you want to read these stories read 1Kings 18-20 and Helaman 10-11 to learn more what a prophet can do!

Have a great week!

Week 68 nile trip3Week 68 selfie 3Week 68 selfie 1

“Grammer” Check

Editors Note: Usually I spend a fair amount of time spell checking and grammar checking, but since he mentions it at the end, I am leaving today’s letter from Carter raw and untouched! Ha!

week 67 jinja motorcylce

so this week was great! very busy driving all over creation trying to keep a hold of all the pepole we deliver supplies to! i like it tho! it keeps me busy and on top of things!

i dont know what to talk about this week, jinja is kind of a hard area, everyone lives in the bush but the chaple is in “town” so its a long walk for everyone and all the members are really spread out, im still getting used to my companion he is a interesting guy, he comes from a hard back ground and dose not like to talk about it to much. but from what i know is this guy had to fight for his food most of his life.
week 67 jinja bush
um yeah im enjoying mission! one thing i learned this week is that being humble dose not mean you are quiet. it means you are willing to accept correction and stand for what you feel you need to stand for. if you always submit to the will of others and do what they want you are infact prideful because you are ignoring the will of God. Humility is not bosting of oneself and helping others who are beneath them! if you are felling like you are too loud and need to be quiet to be humble DONT. be yourself and accept that you cant please everyone. the only oppinion you need to worry about is God’s oppionion of you no one else!
hope you like my awful Grammer and have a great week!
week 67 Jinja road


February 19, 2018

Week 66

week 66 nile

River Nile

week 66 village life

Village life


This week we work hard! I was so happy with all that we accomplished, yet in the end loads of things went wrong. so we were supposed to have a baptism this Saturday but the guy got kidnapped by his brother and has not been able to leave the house since Friday… And a second guy who is just as prepared for baptism got locked in his room from his uncle so he could not come to church… we still had 7 others come and it was a huge blessing, but man the 2 who got fixed by there family is very sad..

So I have no time this week the power has been out all week and now we our out of water as well # dry season is not fun

Enjoy your week!

week 66 compound

Compound where we knocked each door


So this week was a lot of driving, we had to drive to Kampala to help a sick elder get to the hospital, but got some cool pictures of the drive!

week 65 monkey road

It’s not in this picture, but sometimes you can see monkeys jump from tree to tree across the road.


We had a baptism this week for a sister whose name is Peace! She looks like she is 12 but she is actually 18.

Week 65 Peace

So most of this week I was not in Jinja actually, Tuesday I was in Njeru that is just across the Nile and Thursday and Saturday I was in Kampala! But Sunday morning I made it from Kampala to Jinja in 1 hour! And if you check the map it’s quite a long distance (3-4 hours with traffic) but Sunday morning you can fly my goodness!

Also this week we hosted a ton of missionaries over for lunch today and while the lunch was going on I got 200,000 Uganda shillings stolen (55USD)…. I walked into my room to see my closet and bathroom destroyed you could tell someone was going through it. Lucky me I don’t keep my entire mullah in the same place so the missionary only found some of the hiding spots, still annoying though.  So hope I don’t starve this month ha-ha, I think I should make it but ill be balling on a budget! #eggsandflour?

Sister Peace is a very smart person to the point I feel dumb when I talk to her, she reads the scriptures and history books like nothing! I feel very humbled to be able to teach her the Gospel.

Other than that I’m alive this week! All is well hope you enjoy this week everyone!

Week 65 roof pic


So my new companion and me are in the picture on the bike! Elder Kampelya (Zambia)

week 64 Elder Kempelya

The other two guys on the couch are elder Opong (Ghana) and elder Ncube (Zambia) his name has a “click” in it. These are all the elders who are in my district.

week 64 jinja

Our car is a Ford Ranger 6 speed and it accelerates fast!

week 64 ranger

So Jinja town is a lot like Mukono where in there is a town with slums, but if you drive for like 5 minutes you are in the village/bush. The River Nile is just west of us and you can see crocodiles and hippos if you are in the right spot. We are going to go look for them next Monday!

The ward’s attendance hits around 100 for church and the Young Adults are many here! It seems like a fun unit and I’m excited to be around it. Elder Kampelya is much different from Elder Anim. He grew up from a hard back ground and does not like to talk about it much. He is very humble and loves to serve the Lord!

All in all I’m very happy to be here in Jinja. one thing I learned this week is in John 14:26-27 it talks about the Holy Ghost and what he can do for us. studying these 2 verses I have been able to pick out a lot of things it can do for us if we pray for it!

Hope all is well and that you all have a great week!

All of January

January 29

I’m leaving Entebbe everyone! I drive out to on the 31st I’m going to a place called Jinja it is literally right on the start of the Nile its a tourist village, I’m still a driver/ delivery boy (ZONE LEADER) I’m in charge of the missionaries in the units of Lugazi, Njeru, Walukuba, and Jinja town. My new companion and all that will come next week!

So the pics are of us sitting in that weird box is a brick maker we helped build. It makes 500 bricks in 2 hours! Now most of the time bricks are made by hand and 500 bricks take 1 person 3 days. But with these bricks we made is what helped make the house I talked about a few weeks ago. This machine will start to be sold/ donated to people in Uganda to help with the construction of cheep 1-room homes.

One last pic by the fishing village we spend most of our time in

A selfie in our matching ties/suits with our of the members we baptized 3 months ago (Kenneth)

We painted one of the houses that was built this young man with me is actually 23 and is about to serve a mission in Liberia (at least that’s our guess) his name is Morro Mathias

I think of all the things ill miss about Entebbe is my companion Elder Anim my goodness this man is my best friend, I might shed a tear when I have to go to my new area, I’m thankful that he is moving close by to be a driver in Iganga district towards the east of Jinja. (A district is like a county/province/state back home) truly he has helped me learn a lot like to much words can’t really describe but man ill need to plan a trip to Ghana to visit this guy, he is 25 and a really good tailor, if you ever meet him you will like him. He taught me Pidgin as well 😉

All in all it’s been fun in Entebbe but yeah I’m going to miss anima… very sad but the only constant in this life is change, and growth is never comfortable. I pray you all have a great week!

week 63 brickmakerweek 63 Lake Victoriaweek 63 paintingweek 63 selfie

January 22

So this week I drove 413 kilometers…. yeah today for P day I walked I’m sick of the car as per now haha!

All the pics were from the zoo that we went to hear in Entebbe


I’m not sick anymore! And I have gained 8 of the 20 pounds lost so far! I’m drinking lots of milk to try and get my fat levels back to a healthy ratio
As for spiritual things we have a girl named sherry who has had tons of family problems but she met with us on Saturday and told us regardless if she can come to church or not she knows its true and she will always find a way to reach the church even if her family is against it. This has been a testimony builder to me because it shows me that at least Elder Anim and me are doing something right in the world!

Not much else for this week. Hope all is well!

week 62 selfieweek 62 zoo birdweek 62 zoo rhinoweek 62 zoo rhino selfie


January 15

I got sick again! No cat bite no bad food nothing we don’t know what happened but its running rampant throughout our missionaries in Uganda hear are the symptoms and the days it happens


Woke up with splitting headache in my front forehead and upper neck and muscle pains all over (like when you work out to much and now its a bad kind of sore) so all day trying to fight it then when the rain starts for some reason while everyone is running for cover closing the windows and such. I get a fever it was bad 102F I was sweating like mad


Muscle pain gone

Headache less but still there, fever the same, but now my digestive system decides to declare civil war on itself… after 15 plus unplanned visits to the men’s room and a trip to Kampala to the ER I find myself with a total of 8 kilograms of weight lost, like 5 different tests that surmounted to no conclusion of what it was. And to top it off the doctor accidentally gave me the wrong pill and it could have stomped my kidneys

Day 3

My companion gave me a priesthood blessing to help me heal, and after that the symptoms started to die down, I made it to church ok.

Day 4

No symptoms sickness gone but my stomach is wrecked beyond all belief, all I can eat is rice, apple, banana, and toast (dry) so yeah this week has been rough, I’m grateful for my companion for helping me though this truly the priesthood helped me though this, if you don’t think you understand the priesthood well enough or what it mean look it up!!!


I’m alive and improving but please pray that I don’t get sick. The story of job dose not sound pleasing…

Love you all be safe!

January 8

So this week was nice, we had some monkeys attended sacrament meeting this Sunday! The people getting baptized are sherry, Tracy, and Douglas! They all happened over the past few days due to their schedule they could not be baptized all on Sunday!

No cops no crashes this week! We were very busy yet nothing really exciting happened. It’s kinda like how to most of us a fire is exciting and cool but to a firefighter its just work. So with like work hear in Africa yeah I see some goofy things and weird stuff but these days I’m pretty numb to most of it. But ill be honest the monkeys were pretty cool.

So this week Tracy’s baptism was the most powerful one I have had. She has wanted to be baptized for a month now (her sister was the Muslim who got baptized at the end of the year her name is trinity now) but her mother would not allow in the slightest to be baptized and would not sing the paperwork. But on Saturday we came to her house and shared about the priesthood and how baptism needs to be happened in the Church of Jesus Christ, and you can only know through prayer and not just from us talking. Well after a long conversation the mother of Tracy decided to pray. And after praying she said, ” ok ill let you baptize my daughter, but I want you to come back and teach me” it sounds kind of lame in a email but I was speechless… 100% I had nothing to say this woman called us every curse word in the English dictionary and in her local language. Yet this time it was all different. The spirit was there and now we are teaching Tracy and Trinity’s mother!

That’s all for this week thanked you for your prayers and everything!

week 60 baptismweek 60 baptism 2week 60 baptism 3week 60 monkeys