Week 1 Johannesburg South Africa MTC

the word ‘Crap’ is a swear word

(note: The picture with this post is from Wyoming this summer after Carter got his call.. The wifi at the Missionary Training Center [MTC] is too slow to upload pictures right now)

I made it south Africa!! It’s hot like 80 every day. But its wicked cool; my first compainion is from Zambia and his name is Wamunyima (don’t worry if you cant pronounce it) we play soccer everyday. I’m like the only white guy that is semi good at the sport. And the entire MTC is in a compound with a 24 hour security guard, so surrounding the perimeter is a  6ft brick wall with an electric fence on top. But all of South Africa is like that around every house. No kids play outside ever! I have heard so many languges so far I have heard Malagasi (the language of Madagascar) Olsa, which starts with clicking your tongue so it sounds like (click). A few other ones are Ndebeole, Zola, and Swahili. Teaching investagators is hard but I’m learning a lot about the gospel and what it really means. It’s kinda scary that I’m the only guy out of 32 missionaries going to Uganda. The rest are going to Cape town, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Apparently Uganda is a rare mission even with the African missions. Oh and I get more shots… like lots more, my arms are numb.

Haven’t seen any wildlife yet only a few birds, but some weird things about the culture here: they drive on the left; they have a horrible smog problem; and the word ‘Crap’ is a swear word, when the S word is normal. All of the cars are about half the size and no one owns a truck.

Other than that I’m loving life and I cant wait to get out of the MTC and get to Uganda! Apparently it is grasshopper season… anyway thats all for now, hopefully I didn’t ramble on too much

Yours Truly,

Elder Moncur

One thought on “Week 1 Johannesburg South Africa MTC”

  1. Carter we are so proud of your! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I am praying the your travels and adventures be blessed because you are very sincere about what you are undertaking.


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