Week 2 Johannesburg, South Africa MTC

…the boogie man


November 29, 2016

Last week in the MTC, next Tuesday I will be flying to Uganda Kampala. Since I’m flying on Tuesday when I normally write, I will not be emailing that day, so don’t worry I didn’t die…

This week we played soccer in the rain and I heard a few languages that I cant spell because it’s all in clicks or it’s not even a written language.

Africa has its own version of the boogie man, it’s called the Tokoloshi it’s a 1-meter tall human that eats your teeth if you sleep with your mouth open. So to counter it you either sleep up high or just don’t snore!

I’m the district leader now, and my new companion is Elder Tucker from Utah. Being in charge of 18 year olds is rough to say the least. I know I’m only one year older but it makes a difference.

My testimony of the church is growing daily. I have read the scriptures more in this week and a half than I have all my life. If any of you are inclined I invite you to read Isaiah chapter 12 verse 2. It is by far my favorite scripture.

One more thing to add before I go, I have learned that 3 other missionaries are coming to Uganda with me, two of them were adopted from Ethiopia at a young age and the third is from Zimbabwe. So even though I’m not the only one going to Uganda now, I’m still the only white guy going ha-ha. Kind of intimidating but the Lord knows better.

REMINDER I will not be emailing next week so don’t worry I’m alive I’m just travailing to Uganda next week.

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