Worms, malaria!!  

When taking a shower has visitors….


Dec 19, 2016

Not a lot to talk about this week besides I got super sick and the mission president thought it was malaria. I’ll tell that story in a sec but first is the worms…

We have worms in our shower, 3 little ones, our drain sucks because the plumbing was done wrong so after a few minuets it starts to fill up, and that is when these tiny little worms crawl out, so after that its a game cat and mouse to try and step on them with your flip flops, but not let them suck onto the side of your ankle. They are really good at dodging because there is about 5 inches of water in the shower so they have some to get out of the way. So after a few days of this I named them, Richard, Johnson, and Peter!  I’m kinda attached now (not really). I think I killed Johnson yesterday, he was stupid and only came out when there was 2 inches of water and he got smashed!!, also in the shower you have to use the water to kill the mosquitos that fly around over head before you get in,

Second thing mosquitos can rip though the nets we set up over our beds. I woke up with 5 on my arm! Freaking nasty, anyway so after 34 bug bites later I got real sick 101 fever, head ace, stomach ace, and wicked muscle pain, it hurt to walk and I was so weak I could not flex my arms. So I played in a pool of sweet all day and cried from the pain. SPIRITUAL MOMENT , the pain was so much at one point I crawled off the couch and went to my bed room and plead with god to help me in anyway he can, not to get rid of the pain but to at least elevate it, or make me able to bear it, in the middle of the prayer I felt a hand on my back and a voice in my head said, its ok, you can make it. I looked over to who was touching my back and no one was there. The next day all I had was a headache and I could eat food again. After the tests came back it turns out it was just a virus and not malaria! Guys, prayer works you just need to have faith that god can help and he will.

A few nights ago some Indians invited us to a party and we thought they were going to rob us so we came to the door with a wackerjack, (native weapon) kitchen knives and a dinner plate!

Also some lady freaking jipped me, I bought mangos and she freaking gave me avocados!! But it was to dark to tell till I got home

Last thing is our rich Muslim neighbors, they are in the flat next to us in the compound and they had a wicked party last night till like 2 am playing Arab music and drinking, there is a drink called Morua and its Ugandan moonshine and 6-7 people take 1 meter straws and all drink out of it till they pass out its kinda fun to watch. But it’s sad that some people save all day just to do that. Other than that it was just a sick buggy week, I fixed the net for our bed and I lock the place up better than Fort Knox and now I’m safe and healthy!!

Elder Moncur

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