Week 6: A Tiny Lizard

… and a tiny huge miracle


Note: I added a few lines for clarification in italics AND we got to Face Time with Carter on Christmas! He looks so good and is doing so awesome. He loves the people so much.

In his phone call Carter told us a lot more about the extreme poverty in the area he is in. Wealth is measured by how much and how often you can eat. The people work so hard every day for the food they eat and yet they still share what they have with missionaries by way of meals and time. 


Carter with Elder Nate Haines, his friend from EFY 2013

So a lot happened this week! My trainer got the same virus as me, (as well as the whole zone haha) [a zone is a group of missionaries within a certain area] and we are teaching so many people its crazy!

So we have these birds hear that are like 6 ft tall.. They look like the pelican things that you see in the beginning of Lion King! huge! Also caught a lizard who I named Jeremiah!
I FOUND Elder Haines! I went to EFY with the guy in like 2014 or 13 and we now are in the same mission! It was a fantastic reunion, the Lord works in mysterious ways! [EFY is short for Especially For Youth… it’s a huge youth conference that is held all over the United States, but Carter and this guy Nate Haines from Arizona were in the same group down at an EFY session at BYU Provo. BYU Provo hosts thousands of kids for EFY every summer, so it was pretty cool that Nate and Carter are in Uganda together as missionaries!]
So some details about Uganda after the sun goes down, which is at 6:30 pm, the sisters in the mission have to be inside and locked up by 6 and it is for this reason, so on Friday of this week my comp is on the phone, so he is busy, and this very aggressive drunk man confronts me and says, “Why is there a Muzungo ( racist word for, white man) in the streets?” I looked at him with a very confused face, turned as if i was looking  behind me for the white guy he was talking about, and told him “I do not see any Muzungo around here, but if I see one, I’ll let you know.” After saying that, he look content and walked away! Unfortunately some other elders about a 1 hour drive away had to defend there house from some guy that did not like white people, so after dark you need to be aware! Watch your wallet, look down, and don’t make eye contact, and walk fast!
So with teaching people: on Tuesday we have plans with the bishop and a few members to go and teach 21 people!! 3 families of 7 who all live together! and there is another family that wants to be baptized, but the mom speaks very little English so her husband translates. It’s very difficult for her to feel the spirit. But this last lesson we taught her how to pray, and when she closed the lesson with a prayer, she spoke in perfect English. A woman who knows maybe 20 words in English spoke words you would use in a college essay, and without a Uganda accent either. I felt like I was witnessing a miracle.
Talking to my family for xmas was very spiritual. and i thank you ALL for the emails and prayers! ill see you all next week!

Yours Truly,

Elder Moncur.
Christmas FaceTime call with the family 🙂

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