Week 7 New Years

…bless the rains in Africa



                       Elders Bemis and Barington from Arizona; Elder Sani from Zimbabwe; Carter from Alaska down in front.

Happy New Year from the Uganda Kampala Mission!! Pictures are from the crazy storms (I blessed the rains down in Africa) New Year party with my district, and food from Ethiopia!

We bought beaded ties for 15k (3$UDS) and since it was New Years and bad stuff can happen on that day (like beheadings and riots or just drunk mobs of people) we had to be inside by 7PM this New Year. But it was fun! We played cards and watched all the people run around outside our compound. Our security guard had is work cut out for him that night…

We had another crazy storm on the 1st, it wrecked some of the mud huts that people stay in so lots of service planed for this week!  (picture below is the view from Carter’s apartment after the rainstorm)


I’m buying some authentic African shirts that should be done this week and I am super stoked about it! Its quality stuff!

I’m slowly but surly learning the language, its a very basic language so its not to hard to understand but speaking it is somehow difficult.

We had a freak incident with one of our investigators (lets call him John) this past week. He said he was homeless so the bishop let him stay in his house and let him work in his company part time. The bishop is the lawn mower for all of the churches in Uganda.  This went on for a few weeks until one day we could not find John anywhere. Turns out he had stolen 50 SIM cards from the neighbor’s house and the bishop’s weed whacker. He got caught by another member, so John just hopped on a boda boda and left… After searching through his stuff at the bishop’s house to see what else he had taken we found a fake ID badge that said he was a journalist and 70k in his wallet (some people 70k is a months worth of work). Also he had an address to a rental house he stays at about an hour walk away. After walking to the general area of his address (because there is no such thing as an actual address in Uganda) we talked to the landlord and she said that John has not been home for some 3 months time….

So the time he was living at bishops house he was using it as a base camp to hit more restaurants for free food with the journalist ID and nabbing enough stuff to pay for rent back where he stayed. As of now we have no idea where he went or if we will ever see him again

The food here most of the time you never use forks or spoons. Sometimes its considered rude to eat with them because their main purpose is to scoop! So those Ethiopia dishes you eat all of that white stuff! Its fermented rice with pork and beef and the spoon is just to dump it on the plate!

Other than that things are going well! We are teaching a wonderful family who will be baptized on the 8th. This year’s mission goal is 1100 baptisms!!   The work is hard but it’s worth it! It just takes one step at a time with anything you want to accomplish!

Love you all!

Elder Moncur

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