Week 8….Elder Monkey

No one can pronounce my name.



This last week was hard, no lessons, no investigators, and we got bounced from our older investigators. Until Friday, we both wanted to give up but we walked to our area anyway (five miles away). As we were walking we found 12 kids all under the age of 10 carrying jerry cans with water up a huge hill. So we decided to help. We ended up walking a mile and a half the opposite direction we wanted to go but once you start you have to finish, so when we made it to this family’s house of 7 sisters with there kids like 30+. 4 of the dads have died in a car crash and the other 3 ditched their families. after teaching them a lesson we found 3 other families the rest of the week. We now have 9 progressing investigators, 21 new investigators, and 10 investigators attended church! We also got a dad and his wife baptized, and the dad’s goal is to get the priesthood before his 7 1/2 year old turns 8!! What I learned this week is never give up when it’s hard and the Lord will reward you!


Those bananas sell for 100k a for a bag of 50KG

and that crane you also see has dropped 3 loads sense I have been here…


Also no one can pronounce my name….. No one, I have been most commonly called Moncure, or Moscar, Moscow, and Monkey. Most make sense except monkey. Even people I have baptized, in their testimony they say “I’d like to thank Elder Monkey for teaching me about the true church.” It’s hard to keep a straight face. Other than that life is great and hot!

Love you all!

Elder Moncur aka “Elder Monkey”

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