Week 9… The Beast

Mom note: January 17 marks 2 months out 🙂



week-9-pic-3-juliusThis is me and Julius (he is a member) he sells those bananas from last email. He travels 5 hours for those bananas, one way!

Transfer news! Every six weeks missionaries from all over the mission get switched around, and for me and the 3 others in my flat…. nothing changed so tune in 6 weeks later for more details on that!!

We need more missionaries in our area, 4 is not enough… we had 24 investigators between the 4 at church on Sunday! So now we are walking around 12 miles a day! To pass time when we are walking we learn the language, and kick rocks at chickens!

Our new flat mates 2 floors below us have a dog. Her name is Shadow, but I call her The Beast from the movie, Sandlot! It’s basically the same thing! We have to run from her because she apparently hates guys in ties… In the morning we do a special ops climb down our balcony so she does not hear the front door open. And at night we get to the foot of the stairs that go all the way up to our flat on the 3rd floor, we get as close as we can. Then sprint up the stairs and unlock the door and get in as the other 3 guys fend her off with a chair we keep outside! It’s all good fun though, I’m sure!

One of our converts got in a bad car crash this last week and almost died, but his point of view on it was powerful! “I’m glad I got in that car crash and barely able to walk because when I’m fully recovered or resurrected I’ll appreciate God for my body even more!” Guys if we all have that mentality in any trial we would be so much happier as a whole! It was defiantly humbling for me

That’s all for this week hope you all are safe and having a super swell time!

Love you all

Elder Moncur.


This shirt is from the country of Rwanda


Carter and Elder Bemis model African wear from Tanzanian and the Congo (Congo left, Tanzanian right) Both of these shirts cost 25 USD

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