Week 10…A Race and the Soccer Bros.


The two African missionaries got transferred to far away, but they are my soccer bros! The one to my right was my first zone leader Elder Majawa, from Malawi and the one to my left is Elder Ndamoni from South Africa!

I met 2 members of the 70 this week. They came here for the splitting of the stake. We now have 3 stakes in Uganda! The country needs one more stake for it to be eligible for a temple! Hopefully that will become real by the time I am done with my mission!

So we found these bike taxies, it’s literally a bike with a seat on the back, so me and the 3 other guys in my flat hired them because we are tired of walking. As we are riding along we tell the other bike drivers to race. They say no, of course. Then I said to my driver more as a joke,  “I’ll pay you double if you get there first…” I have never seen a guy pedal so hard in my life! We were flying! This guy could be on the Tour de France! I had to hold on for dear life as we got onto the highway with all the other cars and whatnot. Lesson from that, never offer $ or they will do it without question. I was honest though and paid him 1,000 UGS instead of the usual 500 (which is less than 25 cents)

For my spiritual moment I’m going to talk about a sister. She is an investigator for the other 2 missionaries in my flat. They have been teaching here for a few weeks and all was fine and dandy until they introduced the Word of Wisdom, which states you can’t drink tea. It was inspired revelation from the latter day prophet, Joseph Smith. And she took it hard. Told them never to see her again and that we are not true missionaries of God. A few days later we went on exchanges so I went with one of the elders in my flat who was not my companion. We went to stop by this sister’s house. She welcomed us in and told us that they day she kicked us out she felt inspired to read Psalms 5:12 which says; if you are righteous in God and his teachings you will be blessed. After that she has been attending church and meeting with my fellow flat mates again! So sometimes it’s not even us missionaries that explain doctrine and rules to people. 9/10 times it’s the Lord and we are just sitting there dumbfounded that they had a change of heart!

Sorry for no pics this week ill try and fix it! (He fixed it) the dry season is almost over and the rains are coming back!! Which is good because you can get sick from the dust sometimes. Anyway love you all hope you have a fantastic week!!


The yellow things is a guy on a bike going up a huge hill they are jerry cans.


The pile of trash is Kamwokya, the biggest and most well known slum in all of Uganda. That water is the sewage that the kids swim in on hot days…


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