Week 11: Jolly Ranchers Save the Day

On our adventure when we got lost

Mission president gave me and the 3 others in my flat a mission to have 30 investigators in the teaching pool. we normally have like 15-10, it is rough, but we are sitting pretty at 25 right now. The biggest challenge is that people fall though the cracks or we don’t have enough time either with distance/ how hard it is to remember that many people… planning for each day is very spastic, but we are having crazy successes with it honestly. Most of the families we teach don’t speak English (so much for a English speaking mission…) so we speak broken Lugandan with a translator if we are lucky.

Still lost and on the wrong side of the fence

This week we accidentally fell asleep on a taxi and they kicked us off in the middle of nowhere, so we explored the heart of Kampala for a day! It was a blast until we walked into a restricted area by mistake. We walked to the guard on the other side of the fence; he said we should not be on the side we were on, and that we should go to jail. So instead of arguing we just kissed up to this guy hard! I said ” ah you see, we saw that you looked hungry on that side of the fence so we brought you this candy from America! For us we are missionaries, and we also want to share a message with you and your family!” So after a few Jolly Ranchers and giving the guard a Book of Mormon, he let us out of the gate we were on the wrong side of. And now we are teaching a family of 5!

Moral of the story; fall asleep on a taxi= new investigators.

Not much else this week! We got a new mission schedule! Now each mission president gets to decide the mission schedule! So if you know other missionaries email them and ask what changed! For me it stayed the same mostly!

Love you all! Have a safe week!

On the Left is a carving that a member made for me of my favorite animal. On the right are one kind of bananas you can buy they taste like candy! There are 3 type of bananas in Uganda.


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