What week am I on?

Whatever week I’m on…. (Week 12)

So the computer I’m on has no outlet to upload my pictures for this week

Mission first! I got proposed to this week… the young woman is 40 years old, has 3 kids, and I baptized her last week. She said she had a vision where there was a white man standing next to her and when she asked what his name was he said, “My name is Elder Moncur. I’m your husband remember?” So that was a super awkward lesson that day. My companion just started laughing uncontrollably while I tried to explain to her 1st that I’m a missionary and 2nd that she can be old enough to be my mom and 3rd her oldest kid is 6 years younger than me!

Other than that it’s been quite normal in Uganda these days. We have a downpour of rain every day around 3-5 pm so its nice and cold everyday (65 degrees Fahrenheit). People wear Northface down jackets! It’s honestly a great way to find new people in the rain because you know people will be in their homes.

We were digging a ditch this week for service and 2 feet under the ground we found a flip-flop and an old spoon! It’s like a scavenger hunt! Also we had this preacher from another church show up in our church service and wanted to bible bash us! That was quite the experience

My spiritual moment this week was with fasting. Fasting is the best way God can answer your prayers. I was down on myself because all of the people we were teaching either bounced us, or did not come to church this Sunday. Kinda a bummer. So I fasted for help. And today just before I started emailing, this lady from France saw my nametag and asked why a white man with a French last name was in Uganda. I briefly explained I was a missionary. And she said she had just had a conversation about religion with a friend on the phone and she had some questions about the Bible. We had an hour conversation on this taxi ride and it truly was an answer to my fast.

I love you all and I pray for your safety.

Elder Moncur


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