Week 13 trials and faith


Note from Nicole: 
Some of you have asked for Carter’s email again: Carter.Moncur@myldsmail.net 
Also here is a funny story: I got woken up at midnight last night by a phone call from an international number wanting to facetime with me. I missed the call and then saw that there were 3 other missed calls from the same number and there was a weird text on my phone too. I looked up the country code and saw it was from Uganda and tried to call back, but couldn’t get through. Honeslty, I wasn’t panicked but thoughts of my son being held hostage somewhere ran through my head for just a second and I knew I really wouldn’t sleep until I figured it out. 
I emailed his mission president to see if he was in contact with Carter, and he called me right back, within 10 minutes. Turns out the phone number was his and he had just finished playing soccer with Carter and the other missionaries and his phone had pocket dialed me during the game! Carter had used his phone at Christmas to facetime with us and my number was still stored in there. 
President Collings said Carter is doing awesome and is a great missionary! We talked for all of 2 minutes, and I just missed Carter being with him, but it was good to hear he really is as good as his letters sound!

Got my first hair cut this week! (see pictures at the bottom) And its crazy rain now days. It gets wicked hot then pouring rain! It’s crazy here; the drain system is not too good so once the rain comes, the pathways in the slums turn into a river of sewage and trash! We went to a super market for prep day and I bought a Uganda Cranes jersey there! It’s literally a maze of clothes and shoes!


When it rains, it’s the best way to contact! People will just invite you in regardless of who you are if it is raining, so when it rains we walk outside and just wait to get invited into someone’s house so we can teach them!


The 5 mile walk is killing us… we do not have enough time in the day to stop for lunch, so we only eat on the walk or in the morning and at home. To teach people more effectively we split up with a member from the church to help us reach all of our investigators! So this week I went on a split with Julius (the banana guy from a few weeks ago) while my companion went to visit some other people. I went to visit a family (it was a family of 5) that we had baptized at the beginning of the new year. We shared a scripture from the book of Ether in the book of Mormon. The prophet at that time was explaining that miracles and blessings do not happen until “the trial of your faith.” So for example, Peter did not walk on water until after he had stepped out of the boat.

After I had told this story, the father started to tear up and told us that was exactly what he needed to hear. The father informed me that the landlord of their house wanted more $ than he was able to pay. So while the dad will be looking for a house here in Khisugu he will be sending his family far far away into the east of Uganda where there is no church there. But after hearing the message from the prophet Ether he was not worried anymore and is excited to see what blessing come out of this hardship.

No funny or crazy stories this week (in my opinion). It was super busy trying to teach everyone in our teaching pool. Just know that Satan is real, and God allowed Satan to put us through hardships so that we will be even more grateful when we return to our Heavenly Father (2 Nephi 2).

I love you all and I know that blessings are coming your way if you follow God thru your trials!

Elder Moncur


Haircut before and after!!


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