Week 14, last week in Kololo


We met with the mission president and he told me that next week I’m going to the hardest area in the mission so I can learn leadership. Don’t know what that means, but I know for sure I’m getting a new companion! If you don’t understand why I’m excited just ask my mom!


Amazing sunsets are here in Uganda. I tried to take a picture of one of them for you guys.


This one is me playing soccer (Carter is next to the guy in the yellow with the ball).


This one is a place in my area where the slum grew over the train tracks!


I’m on the back of a bike boda!

Funny story, so most Africans think I’m from Europe. They never guess America anymore. One guy asked me, where are you from? And I told him, “You guess.” He responded, “Is Uguess in Europe?”

I died laughing.

One more week of getting trained then I’m a real missionary I feel like I have already grown so much! The time really flies. I never believed people who said that until now! The people here are beautiful and just full of joy even if they have nothing.

So since that I play soccer I am now in with the African missionaries and they are so much fun! They are all still 100% better players than me, but it’s just a party with those guys. It’s never about going home and getting married or getting a new car because most have nothing back home including a family to support them sometimes. So they live life to the fullest! I learn a lot from them. Way more than my American colleagues. For example the opening song for Lion King is sung in the languages of Swahili and Khoisan (the click language). Just kidding, what I really learn is to just have fun. It’s a once and a lifetime thing to serve a mission in Africa. It’s ok to miss your family and all, but we have an eternity to talk with them, so just use 2 years out of an eternity to serve God.

Elder Moncur.


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