Week 15: Buckets of Rain & Goodbye Kololo

Note: This week Carter mentions the Primary Counselor from Salt Lake. “Primary” refers to a Sunday School program for children ages 18mo-12 years. Each ward (congregation) has an adult leadership team called a Presidency, made up of a President, 2 counselors, and a secretary to oversee staffing all the teachers and leaders necessary to run the programs and church lessons for the Primary organization. Each Stake (group of wards) has a Stake Primary Presidency and the General Primary Presidency leads all the Stakes from the General Church leadership Salt Lake City. This week Carter had the 1st Counselor in the General Primary Presidency from Salt Lake came to visit Kampala. He doesn’t mention her name, but Jean B. Bingham, is currently the 1st counselor. 🙂



Dinner at Renna’s house

I am getting transferred to Mukono!! My companion will be Elder Driggs from Utah! We also have one elder from Ghana and one elder from Zimbabwe in the flat next to us they are both going home in 6 weeks and I’m the youngest on mission by about a year so things will be interesting! Mukono is mid way between Kampala and Jinja without traffic. It is a 10 minute drive, but with traffic it is like 1 1/2 hours. Now that seams ridiculous, but when there is no traffic there is also no speed limit, so most of the time it’s like the video game GTA where your main focus is to dodge people crossing the road and the random goat cart! This happens until there is a car crash or when a traffic cop shows up then everyone slows down!


Looking out from Renna’s house

Getting transferred is hard. I will really miss 2 people that I have baptized and the two members that helped me teach them.

No real funny stories this week honestly. We saw a goat get destroyed by a taxi but that’s about it,

This Sunday the 1st counselor of the Primary Presidency from Salt Lake came to visit church. Kinda cool that someone so high up in the church came to visit, but honestly when she came up and talked to me for a bit, the whole conversation we had all I could think was how weird Americans talk. And that we are all super white… I think it was a good conversation but I honestly can’t recall it ha-ha.

The rains here are insane it rains once a day for about 15 minutes, but it’s like not really rain. More like that huge bucket at the water park that slowly fills up. Then all at once it dumps out! It’s like that in the form of clouds. They get bigger and darker and darker, some thunder and whatnot, and then BAM!! 15 tons of water hits you then all the clouds go away and the sun is back out! Africa is quite fun! The thunder shakes the flat sometimes and it has set off a few car alarms!

I have only been out on mission for some short time but I truly love the members in my first area, and I would love to come back here some time in my mission. The 5-mile walk was totally worth it every day! My first pair of shoes are destroyed but I have 2 more to go though so I’m not worried! Hope all of you have a safe week! Love you all!

Elder Haines and me before we get transferred



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