Week 16 Mukono!

Week 16 MukonoMarch 6, 2017

New area! President was right about a hard area, Mukono is the first place people in Uganda got baptized. We met the first person actually! She is 65 and was baptized 1992 and still gives the missionaries referrals to this day! Super cool but on the flip side there is a lot of anti LDS here as well, they know what is coming when two Muzungu (white people) show up with name tags. I have been yelled a few times but that’s all good. My new companion, Elder Driggs, and I have decided to walk out into the bush everyday to teach people! So yes more walking… also it’s a whitewash, which means we are both new to the area and know nothing about anything, it’s just us in Uganda! But Mukono is not bad and I enjoy it!

To describe Mukono its a lot like eagle river actually, it has one main road with lots of middle class houses outside of main street. But that’s where the similarity ends!
About 2miles out of town you are in the jungle. The rule is stay on the dirt road and watch out for snakes (especially green Mambas) for they are very common! Avocado and Jackfruit trees are abundant! We eat it all the time, I saw the Grey Crowned Crane when I was in a lesson this week! It’s the country’s national bird! Could not get a picture though because I was teaching.

Sad thing is because of the anti LDS we are well know to be a cult and there are regular newspaper artistic about us… but off the beaten path we are still able to get 10 new investigators this week and 6 of them made it to church!

Loving my new area! Love the members, we started with nothing investigators wise but we are starting to get the gears rolling! For this morning we made French toast because my last name is French! Next week we will make English muffins because Driggs is English (we think he will have to ask his parents today) all is well and fine! I love you all!

Week 16 Driggs

When trials come it means something good is about to happen, I have noticed that every time we teach an investigator, when we invite them to baptism, or the spirit is the strongest, something happens to distract the investigator… like a phone going off, a baby crying, heck we even had a chicken run through the house once.

But the fact of the matter is Satan is just as real as God and all Satan wants is unhappiness he knows the gospel is the happiest people can be, so when the spirit is there or when we ask them to be baptized he strikes. He can strike on us at anytime the lord is trying to bless us, weather that be at work or home just know that god it watching out, and eventually the bad things/ distractions will stop then the good happens.

week 16withJulius

One last picture from Kololo!


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