Week 17…Mamba

week 17 termite mound

So this week I killed a green mamba, dug in the fields and saw some miracles happen. Service here it is mostly digging and for P-day we almost got arrested so that’s all good!

Well we dig in the fields every Tuesday and Thursday, and this Thursday we were in the forest clearing some grass, as we were clearing a Ugandan came up to me and asked, “Have you American’s ever seen grass before?” I told him it was my first time.

week 17 better barefoot

As we were digging Elder Intuzula from South Africa hit a tree, a small snake came out, the native yelled “Green! Green!” and ran off. As he was running, I smashed it with the hoe I was using! It was quite fun!

week 17 dead mamba

Now today we went hiking to this cliff you see in the picture (I’m in the far far right), as we were up there we had this guy yell at us that there was dynamite up there (there was none) but we had our name tags on so we had to be nice. The guy said we were trespassing and if we did not pay him 50,000 UGS each we would all go to jail. We told him we were going to call America, so we made a fake phone call to America and told him our boss was coming to talk to him. The guy looked scared and told us we could go as long as we don’t come back!

week 17 mokono cliff

With missionary work here it is slow and steady. We do lots of contacting and we are still getting to know the members. The mission rules say we need another male church member to go with us to teach any women that are single. And one day we had no members available to go teach this woman we had contacted and then another one of our investigators later that evening. After being on the phone for 1 hour calling everyone in our phone to try and get a male to come teach with us we decided to say a prayer. In the prayer I asked for help and that there will be a male present that is responsible. After walking to the appointment we said another prayer. Right as we closed our prayer, a member came around the corner and asked if we were teaching a lesson! He had a break from work and had 1 hour off!! After we taught that lesson he had to go back to work. Then as we went to the next appointment, the girl we were going to teach had her older brother home from school that day!

Week 17 mokono


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