Week 18: Charity and the scary side of Africa…

So no photo’s today, not sure why but the computer dose not like my camera

This week was hard as nobs…. we had 8 lessons total out of the whole week, and an investigator we were going to baptize had her grandma die so she went to the village,

Fun stuff this week is that people with black magic really exist. It was really scary when we ran into it. I won’t talk about it on email, but if when I’m back home I’ll tell the story if any of you are interested.

One part about this week that I have learned is charity comes in many ways. This way is that two of my fellow missionaries are going home next month, and I’m only 4 months out on mission, soooo the constant roasting of the “new guy” is starting to get to me these last 4 weeks. One thing that really works is just ironing their shirt or cooking some eggs for them and when I do that bit of charity, then things tend to slow down!

Anyone remember Kony 2012? Well some missionaries met a guy who is 23 that had a run in with him. This guy John (not his real name) and his 4 brothers were walking in Jinja (just a 1 drive east of Mukono) when 4 black vans came off a side street and stopped right in front of them. The doors of the vans slid open and 5 teenagers from each van came and started grabbing kids from off the street. John had seen this before and took off into the jungle and hid in a ditch. After the chaos John did not see his 4 brothers or most of the kids that were previously on the street ever again.

After hearing that story the elders told him about the plan of salvation (how we can live with our families forever). After that news he looked a bit calmer and thanked them. John never joined the church, or ever attended the church. But I know that he as some more peace in his heart that he will see his brothers again.

Kony is still in the east boarders of Congo in hiding.

Not much else for this week. This whitewash has been difficult so we are still trucking a long. The bishop and his counselors are very funny men and I’m sure they will be the key to our success in these next few weeks.

Love you all! Hope all is well!

Elder Moncur



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