week 19 rain selfie

This week we hiked a mountain and fed some monkeys bananas! Also, we had this week long thing where we were allowed to stay out one extra hour late!

We met with this alcoholic a few days back and this man seemed pretty rugged and not interested in the church at all.  After explaining to him about the church and how it can help heal any problem he agreed to just walk into the church. When we walked into the chapel this sweet spirit came over us, and it even intensified as he walked into the chapel (where we have the sacrament). This man was so filled with the spirit that when we tried to move on he asked us if we could wait a bit.

week 19 capuchin

The monkeys were super cool!  We had to hike far in the pouring rain to find them. It’s a place where the locals pray, and it’s literally the jungle; snakes and monkeys and birds are everywhere! If there were no people in Uganda you could have found Tarzan here

So with staying out an extra hour late every day I was exhausted this week, but we had huge success! One guy could not pronounce my name correct so I gave him my name tag to read it, but once I gave it to him he thought it was a gift and started to walk away! Not much else this week just lots of work, trying to build the area up and dealing with people’s bosses that make them work 14 hour shifts on the weekends so they cant come to church….

All is well I’m safe! Ill try and get pictures soon but don’t count on them for a few weeks (my apologies) (he got pictures anyway)

Love you all!

Elder Moncur

week 19 jungle


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