Week 20: Adventure Log

I have not had the opportunity to watch general conference yet but if you have that is wonderful. If you have no clue what I am talking about look it up, (https://www.lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng) it is our church leaders that speak to us every 6th months and it is very helpful if you have any soul searching questions you need answered. I know if you watch all of it with that question in mind, you will find it in this broadcast!

I have already heard about the new temple for  Kenya!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I am so happy for that! That will mean most poor families that only make 20$ a month (about 70,000 Uganda shillings) can save $ to get to Kenya to be sealed in the temple. Before they had to go to Jo-burg, SA. Which costs 200-300 USD… they can never afford that. Now they have the chance!!

I went golfing this week for p day, yes golfing… it was my first time golfing and I suck but that’s ok because it’s Uganda and we were the only people on the green that day.

This week was our best week so far missionary work wise! We are teaching a Muslim and it is so cool to see someone realize that god loves him or her! Truly remarkable my companion is somehow hard on me these days but its not missionary work related so I just let it go, still not easy but I hope I learn from it how to respond with kindness instead of what I used to do by arguing and what not.

About pictures this week: I’m trying to find a external SD card reader but I’m the bush most days where its hard to find water some days, so just hold on. In the Book of Mormon, Either 12:16 says “by the trial of your faith wonders appear.” so maybe I’ll find a SD reader under a tree or something ha-ha

Hope all is well I love you all and pray for your safety


Elder Moncur


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