Transfers again! Week 21

Transfer again.

Guys another 6 weeks have passed and I’m on to my 4th transfer Day! I’m moving to a new area! but the twist is it’s just across the hall to another flat in the same compound…. new area though! ill be on the opposite side of Mukono with elder foster who will be my companion! he was my zone leader last transfer but he got released, Elder Driggs will also be staying in Mukono but with a different companion.

This week was a struggle but watching general conference this weekend was a huge blessing. it has answers problems for right now, and has answered some life/ soul-searching questions that have bugged me for some time! I repeat my last challenge to watch as much as you can and you will find those questions you have never been able to answer. answered perfectly

This last 6 weeks I have learned to just let the little things go, this area was dead when Elder Driggs and me got here. and despite our differences we managed to build up a few people ready for baptism next month. unfortunately I will not be apart of the final result of these baptisms and it kind of hurt me that I don’t get to see the end. but president Uchtdorf’s talk on stand where you are placed helped me understand that no matter if a missionary sent to baptize teach be a leader or just do the grunt work and dig all day. I’m a missionary so do the missionary work! I want to apply this and stand tall (5’10″btw) where I am placed. no one knew but me and Elder Driggs that these people are getting baptized soon. no one is trying to make me have 0 baptisms. the Lord wants me to be in a new area for a reason so I’m going to make sure I accomplish that.

DSC09792 (1)

This girl has a huge crush on Elder Driggs and she used to like my hair a lot. so I shaved it… but she is still infatuated with my companion and this picture with us and her daughter (we think its her daughter but not entirely sure) and it literally describes every time we pass her house to teach her next door neighbor Steven Wenwyama

This instrument is called a dunga it is horribly out of tune and I have no clue what I’m doing but it made a cool picture!

I’m safe and well and happy! Conference made my week this week and I know it will make yours if you have not watched it yet! Please watch just a part of it, look up the topic headings if you don’t have time for all of it!

Love you all and with kind regards!

Elder Moncur


One thought on “Transfers again! Week 21”

  1. I took the lessons from one set of Elders and was suppose to be Baptized by them but when I arrived at church a different set of Elders were there for my Baptism and the ones who taught me had been transferred.


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