Week 22: I’m still walking…

Week 22 Easter with Foster

So I’m still in Mukono, like I said, but I am in an area that normally has a truck to drive because the people live far out and all over the place. Mukono is big. Well now they took the truck away, but we still have investigators that live far away. Like far as in farther than I walked in Kololo. We walk like 2X as much. I have gained a testimony of why cars were invented… the Lord is blessing us though.

For Easter our district all dressed up in our suits and took a “Family photo.” It was fun and honestly I did not even notice that it was a holiday or missing home. I know I’m still new to this mission thing, but the weeks fly by. ​

 Week 22 easter photos 3

One trial I had this week was a missionary that is not particularity fond of me (and I’m not fond of him either) would just make cruel and bantering comments all the time. Then when me and Elder Foster had huge success with teaching, he asked me and my comp to give him some investigators; to take the burden off our shoulders (​​ we were fine as it is he just wants a baptism).  After he said that, on Sunday, he started setting up appointments with my and Foster’s investigators! I was livid… but when I went to pray to ask for help I got the thought in my head, “give him some investigators.”

That answer was the hardest answer to follow in my life, we gave them 4 people to teach who are to be baptized soon, but its not my work it is the Lord’s work. It is something I will struggle with. If any of you know me, I am very competitive so if anything can be a competition I will want to win. Even if it’s not a race, I’ll make it a race. So it was truly humbling and spiritual to let someone else have success over me.

Also I went to the most expensive place in Uganda this Monday: an all you can eat buffet of real American food. It even had Cheese!!!! And it only cost $10!!! It was so nice. I ate at 9:00 this morning and I’m still full at 4pm, but it’s a place for businesspeople so its funny seeing guys in suits with a bagel and a laptop and then some missionaries with plates of food 4cm high.

Also some young single adults and 4 of us missionaries are doing things thing we called “operation smile.” Basically every Sunday/activity you try your best to make everyone smile no matter what!

But all is well and I’m safe, love you all!

Elder Moncur

Week 22 Easter photo 2


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