Week 23 Ssezibwa Falls

April 24, 2017

week 23 Ssezibwa falls 1

This week was a blur of blessings. After we had given those 4 investigators to Elder Driggs and Elder Hawk, we just went into this week with faith. And the Lord blessed us!!!!! The area we are in had a truck last month and we are struggling to walk so far out to get to people. Sometimes it takes 2 hours just to visit one person. But somehow by grace, and logically it does not make sense, we have had better numbers (number of lessons taught investigators etc.) this week than Elder Foster EVER did when he was in the truck… this success was from God. Not us in the slightest, we have been very busy with walking, but the members have helped us with referring us to new investigators and what not.

week 23 Ssezibwa falls 2

week 23 Ssezibwa falls 4
So we went to this local place called Ssezibwa falls. It’s a huge waterfall where people go to do the old traditional dances and worship. As we were walking we found some worshipers who put $ in jars at the falls, but as soon as they left we saw some kids run and go steal the $ from the jars, so the kids get fed and the people think its just some spirit that takes the money. It’s like when you watch National Geographic and you see some animal trick another animal or something.

week 23 Ssezibwa falls 5

Nothing else too big this week, just super busy, and yes to all you people who keep asking if I get food here… I’m actually gaining weight. I am 65KG now. We eat pork and cow like 2 times a week and beans and rice are cheap! Africa is not starving it just has no flavor… like no joke all I use is this beef flavoring called royko and some salt… but it’s food none the less!!

Love you all be safe, know that God loves you and he can give you success in any situation if you are obedient!

Elder Moncur.

week 23 Ssezibwa falls 3


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