Week 24 Q&A

week 24 rain hat selfieMay 1, 2017

This week was good! I always say that but I’m not lying!

You know the feeling when you have a lot to say but nothing is coming to your mind? Well that’s me today so I am going to explain a bit about my mission from the common questions that I get

All water in Uganda has typhoid in it and so to drink water here you have to 1. boil 2. filter 3. buy bottled water from UAE (United Arab Emirates). All missionary flats have a water filtration system and a 5,000 Liter water tank attached to the flat. No homes/flats have carpet in them because of the dust that comes off the dirt road. Only main roads are paved

We have one white South African missionary. We have 50/50 African and American missionaries and we have 95 missionaries in UG; 8 in Ethiopia; and 16 in Rwanda. All of us walk except for 24 of us. Those 24 (1 companionship per truck so 12) deliver supplies and act as rescue cars in case of emergency.

week 24 elder yemo
Elder Yemo from Ghana

It has been raining big this week and its been so so sooo muddy. Blessing from that is we had a guy run into the church to get away from the rain, and he ended up recognizing the LDS church from a different part of the country! And he was so happy to find the church again! He had recently been kicked out of his old church because he was not paying tithing when he lost his job; it’s interesting how the lord works!

Just makes me think when bad things happen what that lord is trying to set up for us in the future! I know that everything has a purpose in this life including setbacks and roadblocks, hope you all do well! Love you all have a safe week!

Elder Moncur

week 24 respect elders
With Elder Foster
week 24 foster selfie
Elder Foster and Elder Driggs

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