week 25 (2 weeks ago)

week 25 Pakistan

I had the best experience this weekend with a group of people I had never thought to have been friends with. There is this local restaurant in Mukono that is owned by a man who is Muslim. He is always a friendly guy and very nice. This Saturday his boss was here from Pakistan… we saw them and me and Elder Foster’s first instinct was to avoid them, but they invited us over and we expected to get made fun of, (the usual). But all they wanted to do was buy us dinner and talk about how similar our religions are! Especially for the Christian faith as well as the LDS church; they don’t allow alcohol at all; you have to abstain from sex until you are married. And one thing that struck me is that you are deemed “innocent” until you are the age of 8. Just like our age of baptism. In Pakistan there are no bars/ clubs. It is very strict and to the point with its laws. During this whole conversation food was constantly coming to our table they explained to me that there are 2 types of Islam Sunni, which is the main branch, and Shi’a which is mostly in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. It really put things into perspective for me that these people are not all bad people. It’s just like how we all know that one crazy guy down the street who is Christian. It’s just him, not the religion.

This week Elder Foster and me went to visit a mother who got baptized this week. Her son was sick with malaria and was not looking to hot. She did not have the $ for a hospital and she asked us to give him a blessing. This was the first time in my life I have found how this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints really does have the power of God in its church. The next day, this child who was sick, coughing, and had a temperature so high it burned your hand when you touch his forehead, and not even enough energy to sit up, was running the next day.

week 25 cadbury

In other news I found a Cadbury egg! Those things are the Bomb! I even took a picture of it! Basically anything from America is bliss. This week flew by we had some baptisms this week and traveled all over this country for meetings and just exploring (fancy word for getting lost). Also we have a stalker we call Cape Chester. He follows us all over town but never says a word. So to get home we run really fast through the slums and we lose him. But this morning he was outside our compound so it obviously did not work…

Hope all is well love you all!
–Elder Moncur.

week 25 alcohol cakes

So these cakes were for a fireside our district put on, the theme was smile!! Well we do service for the bakery where the cakes are made and so we got them for a cheap price! But later that day when we came back to the factory we realized the cakes we buy they put alcohol on them… they say its a preservative but it smelled like germ-X so we definitely fed a group of 45-60 people rubbing alcohol, but nothing like so juice to wash it down! The fireside went great and we got our point out that its good to smile and make others smile!

week 25 district

Zone Conference


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