Week 26 Mother’s Day

week 26 1

May 15, 2017

Week 26

So Mother’s Day was a blast! I think the reason Mother’s Day is in place is so the family knows that their missionary is alive… I enjoyed the phone call!

I’ll be 100% honest, but I have nothing cool or fun to talk about this week. The pictures from this email are just random ones I have not sent home yet…

One story I have is about cleaning the church. There is no carpet in Uganda because of the dust. So to clean the church we use mops, squeegee, and lots of soap! This soap has a chemical in it called Soda Ash, and when that chemical gets wet it is very very slippery. There is one long hallway that was full of soap. And me and the rest of the elders made a slip and slide with the rest of the people cleaning the church that day. One kid from Mbali, which in my opinion has the most athletic people in the world because they live on a mountain, could slide down the whole hallway if he got a running start! Kinda different from back home when you all have vacuums and can’t even talk to each other because its so loud!
One thing I am wanting to tell you guys is to let you all know that God is real, disregard what religion I am from or my personal belief. But look at the family around you or your friends. Those people around you love you and you can see it in their eyes. Yes you might not get along all the time, but when you look into their eyes you can see there is a light. From my knowledge and personal experience that light is the light of Christ. Christ’s light is with all of us and it is what makes us happy. When we act on impressions or thoughts we get that light in us and it seems to grow. That is why doing something nice for someone that will not benefit you at all still makes you feel good. It’s because God is happy you are helping out one of his children. I have felt the light of Christ on mission way more than I ever have in my entire life. I can say that with confidence. And it’s because every day all day I’m trying my best to help people come to Christ the best way I know how. It makes my day every day when I see someone have a change of heart! Does not mean they will get baptized or that I’ll ever sees them again, but it makes my day just to see a stranger happy!

Love you all! Thank you for the support!

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