Week 27 Kid Swarm and New Comp

week 27 selfie

So my beloved companion, Elder Foster, is leaving. He is getting transferred; my 4th companion Elder Tembo from Zimbabwe has 6 weeks left (one transfer lasts 6 weeks, there is 17 transfers in a mission) on his mission! I am leading the area so it will be interesting because Elder Tembo is 27 and has been a missionary a lot longer than me… but I am so excited to have an African companion. They are so so so much fun! Hopefully he will teach me some of his mother tongue (Shona). It will be interesting for sure!

This week we met this guy where we do service about twice a week it is a bakery that a member owns. We had an appointment with one of the cake bakers and when we went to meat him we didn’t expect too much because this guy is quite a joker so we did not think he was serious. But as soon as he sat down he told us about how he loved the sacrament and how he loved going to church because it’s the only time in his life he has felt gods love. During the lesson we explained about the Book of Mormon and we asked him to pray about it. The spirit was so strong in there you could have touched it. God can answer prayers if you ask with real intent. I know if this man were not serious there would have been no spirit. It put a perspective into my eyes that I need to give everyone a chance for the gospel. Because Gods sees them for who they really are.

For p day today we went into Kampala, which was fun. I always enjoy traffic!  Also to give some people a perspective on how bad we stick out as 1 white people and 2 missionaries

We were walking down the street and it appeared that no one was on the road. But in the distance we here a kid yell “muzuigu” all of the sudden kids from every house, tree, and other hiding places that only god knows where they were. In the course of 1 minuet kids, like 50, swarmed us. If I could ever imagine the zombie apocalypse it would be about that. But every time it happens I love it! You just do a fist bump with them and speak there language small small and it makes there day! And the mommas just laugh and give you mango! We have a bag of 30 in our house!

​​Hope all is well! I’m safe and well fed

Love you all!

Elder Moncur

Floods in the rainy season! We saw lots of fun stuff in the water!​

week 27 floods



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