Week 28 Cake Wars

Week 28

May 29, 2017

week 29 kids clean churchWeek 29 zim comp selfieweek 29 baptism

The pics this week are: kids cleaning the church for us, and pics of my new companion!

So my companion from Zimbabwe is going home at the end of June so he is getting a tiny bit tired of missionary work these days… but he is a cool guy and I like him a lot! He taught me how to eat a mango whole! Not too useful of a skill because the seed and skin taste nasty but it’s ok!

For adventures this week we had this member show us to a new person who wants to hear the gospel and it turned into a jungle adventure through the swamp! It was way fun and we saw the country’s national bird [Gray Crowned Crane]! No pictures of it though, because they were flying and it was hard to get my camera out.

The people in the baptism photo are two students at the YMCA. The guy is a return missionary and the girl to his left is the one getting baptized, He is going to propose to her this week! It’s way exciting. The guy, Denis Onen, is from the north of Uganda in the district of Gulu. He served in Ghana and when he returned home from his mission his family did not want to help him get started. So after living homeless for a few months trying to save $ he started to grow peanuts. After he had dried them for a year or two he made them into a butter! And now days he sells them, walking miles a day just to sell enough to pay for rent/ university. After 2 1/2 years of hard work his life is coming together, school is almost over, and he will be getting married within the end of this year as well!! Denis has put life into perspective in the fact that he has had to work for every shilling in his life. 1,000 shillings is 25 cents, but he was able to get through university, which costs 10,000 USD.

Word of warning if you ever come to Uganda: don’t give out candy freely to kids. Like I explained in my last email how I compared them to zombies when they see a white guy, well when there is candy involved it’s more like a raging wolf pack. Elder Driggs gave some cake to a kid who wanted food. As soon as the food left his hands 7 other kids swarmed the poor child that had the cake. After a small scuffle and some screaming one of the kids broke free and took off running into the jungle with the peace of cake! The others gave chase and the kid who had originally gotten the cake was sitting on the ground just awe struck. So if you give sweets to kids, do it in secret!

Other than those few points all is well. I encourage all of you to read Alma 42:15 it is one of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon! And it is also my favorite chapter!

Love you all!

Elder Moncur


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