Week 29 Helping Hands

June 5, 2017

Week 29

week 29 helping hands 3 selfie

We did Mormon Helping Hands this week! (Note: Carter has wanted to go do this in Africa since he was 14 years old and saw a video about it in Seminary). It was way fun and I had a blast! 3 people that have been recently baptized came to help! We cleaned up a hospital for a few hours and then ate some bananas! It was way fun! We enjoyed getting some publicity for the church!


week 29 helping hands 1week 29 helping hands 5

We found a dead green mamba on the side of the road… it was kind of scary but I wanted to pick it up for the picture!

week 29 green mamba

I am becoming a better cook guys! I made hamburgers last night!

week 29 hamburger chef

So this week was a stress beyond stress. But in the end a miracle happened! Basically this man is an engineer and very very smart. We have been meeting with him for about 3 months now and he had some things he needed to fix before he was baptized. Then before the date happened he got robbed. 100% nothing left, they even took his bible. Well he also got his work keys stolen so they stole stuff from his work and the company made him pay for the stolen items. So now this man (I’ll call him John) has only the $ in his pocket and the shirt on his back. Now when the leaders of the church in my area got word of this you would think they would be on board with helping him. Well the exact opposite happened… they assumed he was hiding something, wanted free $, free housing, etc. and in their suspicion they did not allow/ want him to be baptized, and that really frustrated me. And after hours of meeting, and explaining and whatnot the answer was still no. I went all the way up the ranks of the church in phone calls; I had permission from our mission president who is in charge of missionary work over 7 countries. The. Whole. 9. Yards. Still no. So I decided to fast and ask God for help.

The next day I got a call from the people in charge of the church in my area who kept saying no. Each of them told me it was ok to get John baptized this next Saturday. I was awe struck. I have been arguing with them for months and now I get the go ahead for no reason apparent to me. It just makes me think that God has a time and place for everything. He wants to see if we can do all we can, then He helps us with the stuff we really and truly can’t do. It has put hard work into perspective. If God tells you to move a mountain, you get a shovel and start digging. After you are dead tired then God will help you.

Love you all! And do all you can to help someone this day!

Elder Moncur.


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