Week 30

June 12, 2017

So right now I’m jam packed in an Internet cafe with 20 other people. The town of 2 million people is all out of power and this is the only cafe with a generator!

This week went well. Lots of stuff happened and it was exciting! The pictures are of this local place we eat at almost every day and of a baptism of John I talked about last week!

Week 30 1 selfieweek 30 2 pepsiweek 30 3 little kidWeek 30 4 John baptism

So this week we met with our mission president who is basically in charge of my life for the next 2 years. He told me I’m going to be training a new missionary! It will be way different from my companion now who only has 3 weeks left till he goes back to Zimbabwe it will be interesting to now see how it is to train someone that is new in the mission field. The way I like to describe mission life is I break it up into 4 sections: the first 6 months is freshman year of high school/ collage. The next 6 months is sophomore year, then junior and senior. At the start you think you know what you are doing but in reality you have no clue, after a while you learn the ropes but still make some errors. And by the end you are an all knowing big shot, but in reality you still have no clue about what it is like in the real world.

One aspect of life I’m trying to focus on is loving everyone, enjoy the obedience. I met with a man before I left on my mission and he told me to follow all of the mission rules because it would keep me safe!

When I first heard him tell me this I was thinking that if I did not follow them id get hurt or robbed or attacked by a lion. But these days following these rules is much more important spiritually than Earthly. Being obedient to Gods rules don’t always keep us physically safe, but they will always keep us spiritually safe! I know if I’m slacking a bit I notice I’m not as happy or excited about missionary work, or anything in general. But when I do follow Gods rules I enjoy all aspects of life! Even the ones that stink like having no power for the past 2 days in a town of 2 million.

Not too much crazy stories, I got hit buy a boda the other day but I’m fine, it was his fault for driving on the sidewalk anyway 😉

Love you all and hope the week goes well!


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