Week 31 sick…

June 19, 2017

So I have been sick all week so no pics of me.

From Thursday to Saturday I have been super sick. Not many stories to tell except I’m one of the first picked in soccer when I’m with all Africans!! It’s an achievement to me at least!

Spiritually wise I read Luke 7 and it really helped me understand why god loves people who repent, its the last 10 verses or so, the one who sins the most will understand grace the most (forgiveness) now that dose not mean go and sin, but it means we can be forgiven for any sin we commit and feel guilt for, and in turn feel gods love and grow our own love for god! Sin is a painful but important learning experience and god knows what we can learn best from.

Once again I have nothing to say, like at all. I was sick all week. So uh…. have a good week haha!

Love you all

Elder Moncur

week 31 mukonoweek 31 mothweek 31 lizardWeek 31 coke


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