Week 32: Digging In

Week 32

Digging in the mud–

This week we went digging a lot, my companion is definitely ready to go home and avoids me at all costs, disregards everything I do or say and attempts to do the opposite. And to be honest I’m burnt out.

There was a ditch full of grass and moss that we cleared out this week. It’s one of the underwater springs that most of the people in town get water from so we made a better drainage system for it! We got covered in mud! It was way way fun!!


Lots of baptisms lined up for next week! This week we had stake conference so all of the north part of Kampala came together! We filled a taxi with all of the people recently baptized and left early in the morning to get there on time!

week 32 taxi

One of our investigators, named Faith, had an experience of the atonement this week. She had been stealing from her dad small small and felt bad about it and did not know how to tell him about it. But after we said a prayer together she went and told her dad that night. (Now this man is Muslim and already is not a fan of us, but he is by the grace letting us teach her) and when she told him he was totally cool with it! All he asked her was to not do it again. I’ll let you that this man at first threatened her and us pretty severely. And now he is 100% ok with us now and her confession about stealing! It is interesting how God can soften hearts. And when we follow Christ we want to do better that what we are doing already!

Love you all be safe!

Elder Moncur

JULIUS!!!!! On Sunday at Stake Conference…

week 32 julius



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