Week 33 Ants, Middle School and Baptism! 

week 33 selfie

Ants, Middle School and Baptism!

So the ants in the picture make a tunnel of bigger ants and if anything gets in the way they attack it! They put a hole in my shoe so id imagine that would hurt…

week 33 ants

The random guy by me he is wearing an old middle school shirt from Gruening middle school!!!!!! So funny to see that all the way out here!

week 33 GMS shirt

The baptism from this week was a blessing 2 weeks prior to this photo all of their parents/ relatives wanted nothing to do with the church. Some threatened to kill… but over the past weeks the lord has soften their hearts!!!

week 33 baptism

Elder Tembo my companion is going home this week keep him in your prayers life is very hard hear and I know what he is about to return to…

I’m getting a new companion Elder Trippe! He is brand new I’ll be training him. The other area in Mukono is getting closed so it will be just him and me alone in the district!! It will be way fun!

One thing I’m doing these days is I’m reading the Gospels (Matt, Mark, Luke, John) and writing down every question the Savior asked, and it is amazing it gives you a different idea on how the savior teaches!!

Hope all is well I’m pressed on time so not much stories these days sorry!!

week 33 mud


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