Week 35 Oh Nelly

week 35 selfie

O nelly, what a week.

So these pictures are all of the normal things I see in UG. The Jerry cans are what are used for water. They come in 20, 10, 5, and 2 liter jugs. Most people carry them 1k-2k away to their homes. Some people make a business out of it by selling each 20L can of water for 400 shillings each.

week 35 jerry cans

The gate is what we call a compound. Most are 2-3 meter walls with broken glass, razor wire, and electric fence on top. Sometimes all 3!

week 35 gate

So my primary source of food is eggs. Eggs go on everything no matter what. For dinner we have this thing called Rolex (it is just chapatti and eggs with some veggie’s). It comes on the form of a taco looking thing and it used to be called “rolled eggs” thus the word Rolex came to be!

As for what people do for work here, basically if it has value someone is selling it. Most people have 3X3 meter shops with soda, water, and snacks and there will be 6 shops right next to each other selling the exact same thing. So supply is high and demand is low, and so everything is DIRT cheap.

week 35 mukono

Also lots of street venders, especially at night. Most people eat once a day and that’s at night. So soon as the sun goes down. The food comes out. All types of meat, fruit, bread, porridge, rice, Rolex, and fry stands appear on the roads. Also a very popular form of transport are taxi motorbikes called boda boda. Boda’s came from the word Border when the bikes used to carry people only from country to country. But now it has spread to all over Africa.

For me this week it’s just been the usual. Honestly I don’t really know what to talk about. I turn 20 this next week… that’s cool! These next few weeks things should be bumping, but as for now we are still setting up the groundwork for the next month.

The work is sweet here in UG. I love the people. This ward is my family now. I have been here in Mukono for 6 months and it has felt like 3 weeks. Some missionaries know how long 6 months can be in one area, but for me this is way way fun!

But that’s it for this week sorry it has not been too exciting!

Love you all!

Elder Moncur


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