Week 36: Weekly Report Email Thing… Birthday recap

July 24, 2017

So my 20th birthday was probably one of my favorite birthdays so far! Only other one was probably when I was 7 (we had a wicked cool water gun fight in my back yard with loads of kids) or when I turned 17 (we watched the new Godzilla and ate pizza with my family).

Week 36 birthday 6 dinner
My birthday dinner was rice and spaghetti with a fish!

A guy who is a cake decorator made me a sweet cake!

And there was an activity at the church so lots of people were around to dump water on me (its a tradition in Africa) so I was soaked most of the night…

week 36 birthday 2

also the power was out most of this weekend as well so headlamps were very useful for this week as well!

week 36 birthday 5 dark

One cool thing this week was a new investigator we got. His name is Vincent and he is from the north of Uganda in a place called Gulu. The man is very smart and is a very staunch/ stubborn person. Frankly we were confused why he likes meeting with us so much, and in his own words, “As of now, I don’t see any difference between my religion and yours, but every time you call I get a feeling that I should come and visit with you guys.”  After a talk about the Holy Ghost and how God can answer prayers in 100’s of different ways and that one of those ways can be promptings/ thoughts, he seemed still just as stubborn in most aspects, but you could see the small difference in his eyes.

I’m happy I get to share with Vincent.

Elder Trippe and I are getting along great; we actually like being the only missionaries out in the middle of Africa! It makes the reality of how important our work is that we are the only ones!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes again, truly it means a lot! Hope you all are safe and sound!

week 36 birthday 1


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