Week 37 in the Pearl of Africa

Week 37

July 31, 2017

week 37 mural

So I ate this fruit thing called dragon heart! It tastes like a starburst and is crazy juicy!!

week 37 dragon fruit

The picture of all the people is market day (every Tuesday) and

Week 37 market

then the open landscape with all those brown buildings are stacks of bricks that people make by hand!

week 37 mud bricks

Um a lizard is for my sister Olivia! That is the amount of wildlife this week…

week 37 lizard

Well life is moving forward here in Mukono. Each day when I wake up I say, “Just another day at the office.” We started a “get jacked” work out plan after reading a scripture in the Book of Mormon: 2 Nephi 1:21,23. The basic thing of the scripture is a father talking to his children on his death bead. Some of his last words to his sons are, “Rise from the dust and be Men.” So the actual meaning behind the scripture is super deep and you can learn a lot out of these two scriptures! But what we took out of it was to get buff so we can become men! So as of now I’m at 125 push-ups a day with 10 minuets of abdominal workouts. Stay tuned!!

This week we walked for 2 hours straight to visit this man who stays far (hence the 2 hour walk) but if he comes to church then we can make the walk to get to him! The man’s name is Godfree and he is so happy to find a church that has answered all of his questions! He said that at the beginning of the meeting before we even started sharing! All Godfree needed in life was coming to church and seeing the service. Sometimes all it takes is a small step of faith and you get the answer.

And also this we have a man named Vincent, I think I have talked about him before about always getting the prompting to come to church. Well this week he got his answer!!! I haven’t talked to him much about it, but seeing him come to church this Sunday with a huge smile on his face. (Now with Vincent we have been sharing with him for 2 months) sometimes it takes perseverance to get an answer

Regardless how you get an answer it takes faith and steadfastness to god’s commandments. The commandments are not rules, they are directions.

Hope you all have a good week thank you so much for the support!!

week 37 sign


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