Week 38 Monkeys and dead shoes

Week 38 Aug 7, 2017

So elder Trippe had his birthday this Sunday!

week 38 shooes

Some dead shoes…. yeah those are fun to walk in. I’m getting my other pair fixed so I had to bring out the spares

… found a random ditch that was chest high,

week 38 ditch

And thank you all who were apart of writing me letters!!! I spelled “Thank you” like how the people in Uganda spell it 😉

week 38 letters

I also got a box from my mom! It had seasoning salt in it! Imagine!!! Flavored salt! Freak what an idea

week 38 birthday box

We also went to find monkeys out in the hills today and they surrounded us. Easily 40-50 were all in the trees around us. It was really cool!

week 38 monkeys

So in spiritual news we are teaching this 17-year-old kid, his dad left the family and moved to a different town. And lo and behold the missionaries contacted his dad! After the dad was baptized he wanted to make things right and so he got in touch with us to go and share with the family that he left behind.


For now we are just teaching the oldest son who I just mentioned. And for the most part I’m pretty this kid is smarter than us; he has had the book of Mormon for 1 1/2 weeks and is already in Alma 7 (pg. 224) and knows the doctrine that apples to it.

God is the one who brings success to his children. As a missionary I’m just a tool in the workshop. The screwdriver is never the one who gets the credit for fixing the job. It’s the man who is using it. God is that master workman. And he knows how to fix every problem.

Love you all have a great week!


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