Week 54 Chicken Feet


week 54 thanksgiving.JPG

A goat on a termite mound

week 54 goat

MY comp cleaning the baptismal font,

week 54 font

And chicken feet with grasshoppers!

week 54 chicken feet

So I hate rain. Let me explain why… if it but sprinkles hear in the pearl of Africa no one comes on time to anything, even if the rain is at 6AM people will be late to everything in the course of the day till evening… we had a baptism this Saturday and he was going to come to church at 10am like normal. But because of the rain (that happened at 5 am) he was late and we weren’t able to do the confirmation part where he gets Holy Ghost, so the baptism was incomplete.  So it is kind of a big deal. So now days I pray for a drought in Uganda so I cannot stress about people being late all day.

Well our teaching pool is getting a bit better we don’t get bounced 24/7 now its just half the time but that’s normal hear. Our new struggle is just getting people to church; the main cause of people not coming is from the previous mentioned.

So chicken feet were weird for sure, if you have ever eaten octopus just imagine that but with a crunchy center. But grasshopper I destroy I eat them almost every day! Also we are going to try and eat a cat soon so stay tuned

So this past week I have learned patience for sure, it took me 1 1/2 hours to drive 1 kilometer this week. Freak that was rough, but now days I’m stress free when it comes to waiting for things like anything, and it has helped me when it comes to prayers to my heavenly father, I’m willing to wait months even years for some answers, I just recently received one answer I have been looking for about 5 years now, I’m sure some people reading this email are or have waited longer for something but just know that God hears you, and loves you. If you feel like you need it sooner fast about it. Read Isaiah 58:9 it has helped me with prayer and fasting.

Love you all have a great week!

Elder Moncur


Week 53 nothing goes as planned

Week 53

week 53 selfie

November 20, 2017

Whelp another week. This week was rough for me and Elder Anim (pic 2). None of our investigators are serious. After 25 new investigators (all via knocking doors) none of them came to the return appointments, so yeah sad week. But we had a conference where I was able to meet Elder Chandler and Sister Ng’Ang’A who were in the MTC with me and so we are all going to go home the same time.

Week 53 Elder Animweek 53 MTC friends

Well after that we went to a meeting with some leaders of the church who are over all South Kampala and that meeting even bounced us… basically nothing went as planned.

What I think the Lord wanted me to learn and still learn is what we learn from Enos in the book of Mormon first in verses 6-7 he learns what faith in the Lord is. In 10-11 Enos has another problem in which the lord fixes for him. And finally in 12 he is faced with a 3rd problem that the Lord fixes. In each verse we read that Enos “struggles/labors” in prayer. So the lord presents us with problems over and over to see if we will struggle through the problem, or give up. If we endure the trial we get blessings. If we give up we either learn nothing. Or the same problem comes back until we learn from it.

Hope you all have a good week! Love you all!

Elder Moncur

Week 52: Nsenene Delight

Week 52

November 13, 2017

One year. Wow. 

week 52 comp

Elder Phiri is on his way home!

week 52 selfie

New comp Elder Anim (pronounced Enim) from Ghana Accra

week 52 streets

Entebbe overlooking the grasslands

week 52 grasshopper

Insenanay (grasshopper that tastes like shrimp) (note: actual spelling is Nsenene).

week 52 planner

My planner with Bon Jovi lyrics on it.

This week was busy as usual; I think every week is though, so just a normal week. Olivia turns 12 today so wish my younger sister a happy birthday if you can!

Elder Anim is a stud he is jacked, good looking and loves talking to people! He is very opposite of Elder Phiri and my later companion Elder Trippe, so big adjustment not being the one who talks the most. But I enjoy it!

So spiritual moments this week was from two guys we met this week, one was Richard and we are preparing him for baptism on the 3rd of December. We were teaching him the Plan of Salvation and we asked him ” rich you are 18 years old. Have you ever thought of where you were 20 years ago?” and Richard just looked at us and said ” yes I have, and I have been looking for this answer for all my life, whatever you are about to tell me ill believe you” now truly that put a lot of stress on me and my companion, but this man saw us a missionaries and the spirit was a witness to what we were teaching. That amount of trust a person gains dose not happen in 3 days without a spiritual witness.

Second man I forgot his name. But I’ll still tell the story.

When we introduced the Book of Mormon to him he thought we gave him a Bible, so obvious he was excited (Bible’s are very expensive here) but then as we explained what the book really was, he said ” I thought there were only 2 testaments of Jesus Christ, and you have to pay $ to be saved. But you two just did many things for me, you showed me the truth behind Christ and God, and you gave me an additional testament to help me understand that what you just shared is the truth, thank you.”

These two stories both relate to the Book of Mormon, “this book” is more than a book. It’s a witness.

Love you all hope you have a great week!


Week 51 GoodBye Elder Phiri

Week 51

November 6, 2017

Well this week I found a shortcut to Kampala on a road that is under construction! I can make it to Kampala in 20 minutes on this new bypass road! All you have to do is bribe the guard with some food and he lets you onto the road!

week 51 julius

This Tuesday I was in Kololo (my first area) and I was able to visit Julius who just put his mission papers in!!! So exciting, and also a family that me and my companion baptized, Charles (dad), Veronica (mom), Collin, Faith, and Franklin are all preparing to go to the temple to be sealed as a family for eternity in S.A. Johannesburg this coming January!!!!

week51 charles veronica

Other pictures:

week 51 brother emma

We went digging for Brother Emma. He is from South Sudan and used to be an insurrectionist rebel! Yeah he has some cool stories…

So the drink is just pineapple juice. We used like 15 pineapples and loads of water and sprite. But what we were mimicking is local moonshine drinks called Maurua where like 20 people sit in a circle and drink out of a pot or bathtub all night long. it smells disgusting

My companion Elder Phiri will be going home to Zimbabwe this week. He has been a blast to serve with and has been such a true friend! I’m going to miss this guy for sure,

I think that’s all for this week! Spiritually wise I have nothing to say but to study Christ and how he suffered and taught his Apostles. He only had 3 short years to organize a church and all its leadership. While doing this he healed and loved all who were with him. And at the end he was betrayed and killed for his efforts. But yet he conquered death, and his Chief Apostle was so excited that on realizing he had returned, Peter jumped out of his boat and swam to shore just to reach his savior faster. I believe that if all of us study what Christ did we to will forget ourselves and “jump off the boat.”

I hope the week was well and that this one coming will be even better!

Love you all!

Elder Moncur

Week 50 Too Busy for Pictures

October 30, 2017

Wow, this week we were busy busy…. like goodness me I don’t even feel like it’s Monday…

No pictures this week guys and I’ll explain why.

Tuesday, we taught 7 appointments and had to go buy propane for some missionaries.

Wednesday, Kajjansi ran out of water like 100% out so we had to buy jerry cans in Entebbe, fill them with 160 liters of water and 40 liters of drinking water, drive it out there and unload the water then drive home.

Thursday, it was 36 degrees C by 11 AM this day, and I forgot my camera at home and we did not want to walk back home to go and get it.

Friday, we made plans for the week and I forgot my camera again.

Saturday, woke up at 4:50 am, drove to Kampala and arrived at 6:05 am. Met with a general authority of our church named Mark Palmer. Then drove home and arrived home at 9:45 pm

Sunday, is Sunday and ever missionary knows how busy you are on Sunday….

And today is Monday and I also forgot…

So spiritual note (feel like I have to do this since I’m a missionary)

Repentance is hard for all of us, and it’s meant to be that way. How it was explained to me by Palmer is that, “When we sincerely repent, our sin is forgotten, so when we make the same mistake again,  God sees it as if we have slipped up for the first time, not the second or third, and so if we sincerely repent again, it is once again forgiven!”

I hope this helps someone, have a great week love you all!

Elder Moncur

Oh yeah, someone just sent me this from today! I taught everyone how to play Ultimate Frisbee!

Here are the guys in the picture
Top left Elder Brewer he is from Arizona and 3 months on mission

Bottom left Elder Young Beaver Utah 3 months out

Elder Dlamini from Swaziland 8 months out and comps with Young

Elder Muncy from California originally born in Ethiopia 10 months out

Elder Quatang from Ghana comps with Muncy is 17 months out

Elder Phiri from Zimbabwe comps with yours truly goes home next week


Top right Elder Winn from Utah, comps with Brewer  1 month out

week 50 ultimate 1Elder Moncur

Week 49 Oh the food…..

So this week we ate mukene (the little fish you get from lake Victoria!! and man they are gross!!!

week 49 selfieweek 49 little fish

Like so nasty goodness me. I prefer Nsenene (grasshopper) those I actually will buy them from time to time!

The new car I’m driving!

week 49 new ride

A super adorable girl of a family we are teaching

week 49 adorable


So this week…. um yeah lots happened but also at the same time it feels like all I did was drive and go to meetings, so instead of talking about what I did (because the driving stories are all like Mario cart, and the meetings are boring,) I’lll explain the food I eat weekly! Since I seem to get lots of questions about that.

The conversion value of Shillings to USD is 1USD= 3,600 UGH
Breakfast, I buy 30 eggs for 10,000 UGH and some local noodles that this lady makes, and I have some stir fry with salt and pepper or I eat Oats with some sugarcane sugar that you can go watch them crush the sugarcane and dry it into crystals

Lunch, so rice in beans is a must, a big plate of rice and beans can cost 2,000-5,000 depending on where you are and if you want other foods with it. Also we can get stuff called kikomondo, which is basically a think tortilla cooked with more oil, chopped up and served with beans and veggies each chapatti (tortilla) costs 500UGH and the beans are free

Dinner, so I like to make chicken and veggie stew and for a whole month of supplies it costs me 50,000UGH besides buying the veggies 2-3 times a week

Desert, sugar and water, and millet flower. AKA porridge

Spiritually wise I have learned that repentance is a commandment, now this is an interesting fact if you think about it. All other commandments is to follow them exactly don’t kill don’t steal etc. but in order for us to repent is to sin… now this sounds contradictory but God sent us hear to become more like him (have a body) and to learn and grow.  For us To LEARN if the fire is hot you make a mistake by touching the fire, but because of Jesus Christ we can be healed from the burns of the mistake. But only if we repent. So thus repentance is a commandment in order for us to learn. Further note. Once we repent God has promised us that he will forget the transgression we have done, so in Gods mind, after we have followed the commandment of repenting, we are following all his other commandments exactly!

I hope that this helps a few of us understand the will of God a bit more. I love you all and thank you for your prayers I have felt them this last week. Truly, thank you!


Elder Moncur


Week 48 Car Trouble

Week 48

October 16, 2017

week 48 selfie

So I broke the back window to the Hilux, and now we had to drive to Kampala today to get it fixed. And it turns out there was a lot wrong with the car so now we are driving a Ford Ranger 6speed. And it is a monster… way fun though! The pics of the car is the inside of the Ranger

week 48 car 2Week 48 car 1

So we get very pretty views of the lake. And found a guy with another Alaska shirt!! That’s 3 shirts so far!

week 48 alaska shirt

week 48 Lake Victoria

This week nothing to crazy happened, we had 2 people get baptized which was real great and exciting to see two people showing their desire to follow Christ!

This week has been stressful for sure though, I enjoy the new responsibility and I’m learning a lot, please keep me in your prayers for this week. Driving is very stressful some times; the big problem is traffic and the lack of time in the day to meet everyone we need to meet. For instance on Friday we left our flat at 6AM drove for 2 1/2 hours (in traffic) then had a 5 hour meeting, then got stuck in traffic again and got home around 11 at night. So just being sleep deprived and trying to drive in the pearl of Africa can be at times…. taxing. But I’m still happy as ever when I get to be a missionary and just teach people the gospel in Entebbe!!

Hope all is well your side have a great week!!