Week 77

Got a painting of myself

week 77 painting

A guy carrying 3 bags that are 50kg each in a huge building full of shoes!

week 77 neighborhood

And kids in the rain

This week I’m only going to talk about the blessing that some of our investigators have had.

1 Jean: so this lady is very much wanting the gospel but the problem is her landlord saw me and my companion teaching her about Christ so he raised the price for rent (common thing when white people are involved) so she had to move, but the last day before rent was due her uncle out of nowhere came and helped her with the rent. And the landlord was so impressed that he lowered the price of rent and is now interested in the church because he heard all of us praying for her to get the $ necessary for rent!

2 Panina: this person is a Muslim and knows nothing about Christ got bad typhoid right after the second visit. So we gave her a priesthood blessing and in 2 days after she was 100% fine!

3 Kahunga: this man is a golden investigator. But let me give a back story of how we met him

So what I do all day every day is hand out cards with our number on it with the picture of the book of Mormon on it. I don’t tell them anything all I usually say as I give them the card is “hey boss you look smart take this” “hey big man take this” “yo chief take this one” ECT. And NO ONE ever calls ever like 200 cards and you will get one call that never showed up to the appointment. Well Kahunga called! And he showed up early to the appointment at the church! He is from DRC and has 6 others in his family that are interested to hear the word of God. So now we gotta work on remembering Swahili and French so we can visit them! Back to the books!!!

That is all for this week love you all!

week 77 goat bridge


Week 76 New Comp

week 76 area 2

Well this week me and my new companion opened a new area in Nsambya so I moved apartments but I’m still in the same Church unit! My new companion is Elder Henriksen (no picture of him sorry) he is exactly like Jim Carrey from any movie he is in. No joke! Never a dull moment with this man.

week 76 Teaching

On a side note we have done a lot of finding like a ton we have found 15 new investigators for this week and we are still trying to get to re meet with all of them (none have phones in the slums) most of them are powerful and ready to learn but all have busy schedules.

That’s all for this week hope all is well!

week 76 area

Week 75 No More Driving!

Week 75 car pic.JPG

So this week some exciting news happened! I am no longer a Driver (ZL) so I’m back to walking!!!!!!!!!! You cannot add enough exclamation points to that last sentence to describe my excitement! I was about to go to Seeta which is like a stone throw away from an area where I spent 7 1/2 months. But luckily things changed and I was fortunate to stay in Nsambya! But yes I’m walking again and that’s all that matters

Now with staying in Nsambya I will be starting a new area so I’m starting from scratch which is not easy… but I’m lucky to know the members hear already so hopefully ill be able to start it off running!

Week 75 Hope

To celebrate no longer driving I bought some nice ties and took pictures with the truck for one last time (even though I’ll still see it every day) but no longer driving in this horrible traffic small road city is a relief. To get the ties I went with a member of the unit named Hope he is like 6’8″ and very very nice! He always gets the best ties so I try to copy him. What a trendsetter!

Week 75 carving

Got a way cool carving to only cost 20$

Have a great week!!!

Week 74 Kampala Expert

week 74 kids playing

Today is the day that I officially know each major section in Kampala. Today I went into Kampala town center so all the dots connect! If you ever need to find a way in K town let me know 😉

week 74 Innocent

We had a baptism this week! His name is Innocent Muanda! He is 17 and now wants to serve a mission! He has a powerful testimony of the book of Mormon and reads it all the time! I was the one he chose to baptize and Elder Hall gave him the Holy Ghost!

With the reading patter I’m on right now I will finish the bible June 10th! I’m way excited! Then the last thing I have is Doctrine and Covenants, which is a book of recordings that the Prophet Joseph Smith received from the Lord! It’s where the Mormons have the “no Coffee/tea thing.” Its an incredible book and we consider it to be doctrine sense it is from God not man.

week 74 nighttime

Week 73 Nurse Moncur

week 73 mosque2

Week 73

April 9, 2018

Went into a really cool mosque this week! It’s the second biggest in Africa! And it used to be the center of Kampala so there is a huge tower you can climb! It’s 100M above the ground so it’s way cool to see my home from up high! (Kampala)

week 73 mosquw.JPG

Also this week I think I became a nurse! All of the zone (26 missionaries) got sick this week besides me and a few others with a strep throat thing… I got this same thing last year so I was immune to the thing but I just drove around helping people stay alive and drink water…

Other than it it’s all fine in dandy in Uganda! This Friday we have a baptism so I’m excited for that! I’ll tell more about him next week!

Have a great week!

week 73 mosque3

Week 72 To Market To Market

Week 72

April 3, 2018

week 72 helping hands selfie.JPG

This week I went to Katwe, and if that name sounds familiar it’s the place in that Disney movie about the girl that plays chess! 3 people got baptized there for the unit out there.

We were supposed to have a baptism this week, but he went back to Juba last minute because his family did not send him $ so he had to leave Uganda. That’s the 3rd person in a row who missed their baptism… it’s very sad and disappointing with all that work going into it. But the Lord is probably trying to teach me something

week 72 helping hands

For Mormon Helping Hands we cleaned out one of the many markets! It was the grossest most disgusting thing I have ever done! We got 3 truck loads full of trash from out of 50 square meters of market space. It was way fun and we had about 40 people there!

That’s all of this week I hope you have a great week as well!

week 72 buildings

Week 71 Leg of Lamb and Bible Bash

Week 71

March 26, 2018

Week 71 leg of lamb.JPG

So this week I had some serious Bible wars with people on a few things and honestly its been exhausting. A discussion is fantastic, but when people scream at you and don’t let you explain things it’s just a waist of time.

Week 71 Carter and Anim

So me and Elder Anim met up for a big Meeting he is still in jinja but I’m glad I got to see him, we tried to duck tape me to the wall but it was not enough (we only had half a roll) so I fell, and the food is Ethiopian food its called keywat the leg of a goat with Injera

This week was nice. I’m busy and getting back into the swing of things. We are trying to get the unit I’m in split before July, but we are having loads of problems with bringing new people into the church because of a lot of anti LDS. Like I’m ok if you don’t want to learn what I believe in, but don’t go bashing me. It’s ok though. Opposition goes both ways so I’m sure they will get bashed one of these days!

All is well hope you have a great week!

Week 71 duck tape