Made it to Uganda

Kololo area and a wasp…

Note from Mom: Carter would really love to hear from any and all of you!! ( he my or may not have mentioned that he was a little homesick in a separate email to me 🙂 His email and address are listed in the sidebar… 🙂

Africa Airlines feeds you on any flight, it was a 3 hour flight to Uganda and they fed us an entire freaking meal!! Delta sucks, 16 hour flight to SA and no food at all…

Uganda has so much work its crazy. One guy that got baptized has lived alone since he was 6, and his only friends that he called family were Muslim. So when he converted, they threatened to kill him, so he ran from home. But his testimony is so strong. He is always willing to help and he thanks God every day.
I killed a wasp half the size of a AA battery.
I live in a compound with a guard. All the guards here are packing heat… like AK47 or a 30 odd 6. It’s a 5 mile walk to my area with loads of hills, 10+ miles a day is rough. We buy this street food called Rolex. It’s not a watch, it’s eggs and fried bread. 4 eggs and some bread costs like 58 cents in american $.
No police in the slums. the crowds do justice to crime here. If a thief gets caught, or someone yells “Thief! Thief!” no joke like everyone in the street will attack him. They usually don’t live…
I’m trying to upload pics but there is a crazy storm and the wifi sucks ( I bless the rains down in Africa [this is a direct reference to teh song Africa, by Toto]). I’ll probably just send the card home when its full and momma can post them all, but one of them is the temple is South Africa; 2  is the area where I walk through; and 3 is the big freaking wasp; #4  is of my area; like everything in the picture I walk to and teach people.
We get at least 2-3 new contacts a day it’s so powerful. I’m in the Kampala city center called Kololo, and its full of the slums. Like it’s rare to have running water for those people, but just on the other side of the street is a compound of 2-3 apartments with a hired guard and all the cars inside are BMW. The people in the slums, they live off of maybe 50,000 shillings a month, which is 15$.
the smell. Oh. My. Goodness. The smell is atrocious. Almost sinful. But the people are so nice everyone says, “hi,” unless they are drunk. Which is about half the people when the sun goes down. Also, if you are a girl over the age of 22, and don’t have a kid yet, it’s rare. There is no self control here. It’s somewhat sad.
I have seen 2 boda crashes so far, (moter bike taxi). They are like ants in traffic. They weave in and out of the cars. It’s so hectic. And crossing the street for me and my companion is crazy. I say a prayer each time I cross this 4X4 lane road. (4 lanes then a median then another 4 lanes). I call it Frogger Road. No joke. You need to time the driving speed of the cars, watch out for bodas, and the people selling food/ preachers.
You can tell how well off people are here by what food they feed you. I feel bad when I’m only fed beans and rice because that’s the best they have to offer, and usually they don’t eat with us. Very humbling. The kids in the streets will play with anything. Walking today, I saw them sledding down an asphalt road in a Jerry can, but they use bike tires and roll them all over the place or make toys out of trash.
Midway though this email the storm took the power out.  I’m back an hour later, I road a camel and bought a watch during the storm. It was super nice. The watch from a far looks like a Calvin Klein watch, but if you look super close it says Galvin Klein. i saw Nike shoes that say Nice or Jordans, but the letter O is a zero, all for less than 3$ (15, 000 shillings) and I have heard that my emails are not proofed so I apologize. Also, fun fact, I pick up accents super fast. Most LDS members think I have been out for a year or so and are super surprised that it’s only been 5 days. I’m usually emailing around 2;30-4;00 pm or 4 am Alaska time, but even if you’re not awake please email me any time, I don’t have anyone’s email so I’m sorry if you have expected a personal email, i just don’t have it haha, but that’s all for this week. thank you all for the support! I pray that all of you stay safe and happy.

Week 2 Johannesburg, South Africa MTC

…the boogie man

November 29, 2016

Last week in the MTC, next Tuesday I will be flying to Uganda Kampala. Since I’m flying on Tuesday when I normally write, I will not be emailing that day, so don’t worry I didn’t die…

This week we played soccer in the rain and I heard a few languages that I cant spell because it’s all in clicks or it’s not even a written language.

Africa has its own version of the boogie man, it’s called the Tokoloshi it’s a 1-meter tall human that eats your teeth if you sleep with your mouth open. So to counter it you either sleep up high or just don’t snore!

I’m the district leader now, and my new companion is Elder Tucker from Utah. Being in charge of 18 year olds is rough to say the least. I know I’m only one year older but it makes a difference.

My testimony of the church is growing daily. I have read the scriptures more in this week and a half than I have all my life. If any of you are inclined I invite you to read Isaiah chapter 12 verse 2. It is by far my favorite scripture.

One more thing to add before I go, I have learned that 3 other missionaries are coming to Uganda with me, two of them were adopted from Ethiopia at a young age and the third is from Zimbabwe. So even though I’m not the only one going to Uganda now, I’m still the only white guy going ha-ha. Kind of intimidating but the Lord knows better.

REMINDER I will not be emailing next week so don’t worry I’m alive I’m just travailing to Uganda next week.

Week 1 Johannesburg South Africa MTC

the word ‘Crap’ is a swear word

(note: The picture with this post is from Wyoming this summer after Carter got his call.. The wifi at the Missionary Training Center [MTC] is too slow to upload pictures right now)

I made it south Africa!! It’s hot like 80 every day. But its wicked cool; my first compainion is from Zambia and his name is Wamunyima (don’t worry if you cant pronounce it) we play soccer everyday. I’m like the only white guy that is semi good at the sport. And the entire MTC is in a compound with a 24 hour security guard, so surrounding the perimeter is a  6ft brick wall with an electric fence on top. But all of South Africa is like that around every house. No kids play outside ever! I have heard so many languges so far I have heard Malagasi (the language of Madagascar) Olsa, which starts with clicking your tongue so it sounds like (click). A few other ones are Ndebeole, Zola, and Swahili. Teaching investagators is hard but I’m learning a lot about the gospel and what it really means. It’s kinda scary that I’m the only guy out of 32 missionaries going to Uganda. The rest are going to Cape town, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Apparently Uganda is a rare mission even with the African missions. Oh and I get more shots… like lots more, my arms are numb.

Haven’t seen any wildlife yet only a few birds, but some weird things about the culture here: they drive on the left; they have a horrible smog problem; and the word ‘Crap’ is a swear word, when the S word is normal. All of the cars are about half the size and no one owns a truck.

Other than that I’m loving life and I cant wait to get out of the MTC and get to Uganda! Apparently it is grasshopper season… anyway thats all for now, hopefully I didn’t ramble on too much

Yours Truly,

Elder Moncur