Week 33 Ants, Middle School and Baptism! 

week 33 selfie

Ants, Middle School and Baptism!

So the ants in the picture make a tunnel of bigger ants and if anything gets in the way they attack it! They put a hole in my shoe so id imagine that would hurt…

week 33 ants

The random guy by me he is wearing an old middle school shirt from Gruening middle school!!!!!! So funny to see that all the way out here!

week 33 GMS shirt

The baptism from this week was a blessing 2 weeks prior to this photo all of their parents/ relatives wanted nothing to do with the church. Some threatened to kill… but over the past weeks the lord has soften their hearts!!!

week 33 baptism

Elder Tembo my companion is going home this week keep him in your prayers life is very hard hear and I know what he is about to return to…

I’m getting a new companion Elder Trippe! He is brand new I’ll be training him. The other area in Mukono is getting closed so it will be just him and me alone in the district!! It will be way fun!

One thing I’m doing these days is I’m reading the Gospels (Matt, Mark, Luke, John) and writing down every question the Savior asked, and it is amazing it gives you a different idea on how the savior teaches!!

Hope all is well I’m pressed on time so not much stories these days sorry!!

week 33 mud


Week 32: Digging In

Week 32

Digging in the mud–

This week we went digging a lot, my companion is definitely ready to go home and avoids me at all costs, disregards everything I do or say and attempts to do the opposite. And to be honest I’m burnt out.

There was a ditch full of grass and moss that we cleared out this week. It’s one of the underwater springs that most of the people in town get water from so we made a better drainage system for it! We got covered in mud! It was way way fun!!


Lots of baptisms lined up for next week! This week we had stake conference so all of the north part of Kampala came together! We filled a taxi with all of the people recently baptized and left early in the morning to get there on time!

week 32 taxi

One of our investigators, named Faith, had an experience of the atonement this week. She had been stealing from her dad small small and felt bad about it and did not know how to tell him about it. But after we said a prayer together she went and told her dad that night. (Now this man is Muslim and already is not a fan of us, but he is by the grace letting us teach her) and when she told him he was totally cool with it! All he asked her was to not do it again. I’ll let you that this man at first threatened her and us pretty severely. And now he is 100% ok with us now and her confession about stealing! It is interesting how God can soften hearts. And when we follow Christ we want to do better that what we are doing already!

Love you all be safe!

Elder Moncur

JULIUS!!!!! On Sunday at Stake Conference…

week 32 julius


Week 31 sick…

June 19, 2017

So I have been sick all week so no pics of me.

From Thursday to Saturday I have been super sick. Not many stories to tell except I’m one of the first picked in soccer when I’m with all Africans!! It’s an achievement to me at least!

Spiritually wise I read Luke 7 and it really helped me understand why god loves people who repent, its the last 10 verses or so, the one who sins the most will understand grace the most (forgiveness) now that dose not mean go and sin, but it means we can be forgiven for any sin we commit and feel guilt for, and in turn feel gods love and grow our own love for god! Sin is a painful but important learning experience and god knows what we can learn best from.

Once again I have nothing to say, like at all. I was sick all week. So uh…. have a good week haha!

Love you all

Elder Moncur

week 31 mukonoweek 31 mothweek 31 lizardWeek 31 coke

Week 30

June 12, 2017

So right now I’m jam packed in an Internet cafe with 20 other people. The town of 2 million people is all out of power and this is the only cafe with a generator!

This week went well. Lots of stuff happened and it was exciting! The pictures are of this local place we eat at almost every day and of a baptism of John I talked about last week!

Week 30 1 selfieweek 30 2 pepsiweek 30 3 little kidWeek 30 4 John baptism

So this week we met with our mission president who is basically in charge of my life for the next 2 years. He told me I’m going to be training a new missionary! It will be way different from my companion now who only has 3 weeks left till he goes back to Zimbabwe it will be interesting to now see how it is to train someone that is new in the mission field. The way I like to describe mission life is I break it up into 4 sections: the first 6 months is freshman year of high school/ collage. The next 6 months is sophomore year, then junior and senior. At the start you think you know what you are doing but in reality you have no clue, after a while you learn the ropes but still make some errors. And by the end you are an all knowing big shot, but in reality you still have no clue about what it is like in the real world.

One aspect of life I’m trying to focus on is loving everyone, enjoy the obedience. I met with a man before I left on my mission and he told me to follow all of the mission rules because it would keep me safe!

When I first heard him tell me this I was thinking that if I did not follow them id get hurt or robbed or attacked by a lion. But these days following these rules is much more important spiritually than Earthly. Being obedient to Gods rules don’t always keep us physically safe, but they will always keep us spiritually safe! I know if I’m slacking a bit I notice I’m not as happy or excited about missionary work, or anything in general. But when I do follow Gods rules I enjoy all aspects of life! Even the ones that stink like having no power for the past 2 days in a town of 2 million.

Not too much crazy stories, I got hit buy a boda the other day but I’m fine, it was his fault for driving on the sidewalk anyway 😉

Love you all and hope the week goes well!

Week 29 Helping Hands

June 5, 2017

Week 29

week 29 helping hands 3 selfie

We did Mormon Helping Hands this week! (Note: Carter has wanted to go do this in Africa since he was 14 years old and saw a video about it in Seminary). It was way fun and I had a blast! 3 people that have been recently baptized came to help! We cleaned up a hospital for a few hours and then ate some bananas! It was way fun! We enjoyed getting some publicity for the church!


week 29 helping hands 1week 29 helping hands 5

We found a dead green mamba on the side of the road… it was kind of scary but I wanted to pick it up for the picture!

week 29 green mamba

I am becoming a better cook guys! I made hamburgers last night!

week 29 hamburger chef

So this week was a stress beyond stress. But in the end a miracle happened! Basically this man is an engineer and very very smart. We have been meeting with him for about 3 months now and he had some things he needed to fix before he was baptized. Then before the date happened he got robbed. 100% nothing left, they even took his bible. Well he also got his work keys stolen so they stole stuff from his work and the company made him pay for the stolen items. So now this man (I’ll call him John) has only the $ in his pocket and the shirt on his back. Now when the leaders of the church in my area got word of this you would think they would be on board with helping him. Well the exact opposite happened… they assumed he was hiding something, wanted free $, free housing, etc. and in their suspicion they did not allow/ want him to be baptized, and that really frustrated me. And after hours of meeting, and explaining and whatnot the answer was still no. I went all the way up the ranks of the church in phone calls; I had permission from our mission president who is in charge of missionary work over 7 countries. The. Whole. 9. Yards. Still no. So I decided to fast and ask God for help.

The next day I got a call from the people in charge of the church in my area who kept saying no. Each of them told me it was ok to get John baptized this next Saturday. I was awe struck. I have been arguing with them for months and now I get the go ahead for no reason apparent to me. It just makes me think that God has a time and place for everything. He wants to see if we can do all we can, then He helps us with the stuff we really and truly can’t do. It has put hard work into perspective. If God tells you to move a mountain, you get a shovel and start digging. After you are dead tired then God will help you.

Love you all! And do all you can to help someone this day!

Elder Moncur.

Week 28 Cake Wars

Week 28

May 29, 2017

week 29 kids clean churchWeek 29 zim comp selfieweek 29 baptism

The pics this week are: kids cleaning the church for us, and pics of my new companion!

So my companion from Zimbabwe is going home at the end of June so he is getting a tiny bit tired of missionary work these days… but he is a cool guy and I like him a lot! He taught me how to eat a mango whole! Not too useful of a skill because the seed and skin taste nasty but it’s ok!

For adventures this week we had this member show us to a new person who wants to hear the gospel and it turned into a jungle adventure through the swamp! It was way fun and we saw the country’s national bird [Gray Crowned Crane]! No pictures of it though, because they were flying and it was hard to get my camera out.

The people in the baptism photo are two students at the YMCA. The guy is a return missionary and the girl to his left is the one getting baptized, He is going to propose to her this week! It’s way exciting. The guy, Denis Onen, is from the north of Uganda in the district of Gulu. He served in Ghana and when he returned home from his mission his family did not want to help him get started. So after living homeless for a few months trying to save $ he started to grow peanuts. After he had dried them for a year or two he made them into a butter! And now days he sells them, walking miles a day just to sell enough to pay for rent/ university. After 2 1/2 years of hard work his life is coming together, school is almost over, and he will be getting married within the end of this year as well!! Denis has put life into perspective in the fact that he has had to work for every shilling in his life. 1,000 shillings is 25 cents, but he was able to get through university, which costs 10,000 USD.

Word of warning if you ever come to Uganda: don’t give out candy freely to kids. Like I explained in my last email how I compared them to zombies when they see a white guy, well when there is candy involved it’s more like a raging wolf pack. Elder Driggs gave some cake to a kid who wanted food. As soon as the food left his hands 7 other kids swarmed the poor child that had the cake. After a small scuffle and some screaming one of the kids broke free and took off running into the jungle with the peace of cake! The others gave chase and the kid who had originally gotten the cake was sitting on the ground just awe struck. So if you give sweets to kids, do it in secret!

Other than those few points all is well. I encourage all of you to read Alma 42:15 it is one of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon! And it is also my favorite chapter!

Love you all!

Elder Moncur

Week 27 Kid Swarm and New Comp

week 27 selfie

So my beloved companion, Elder Foster, is leaving. He is getting transferred; my 4th companion Elder Tembo from Zimbabwe has 6 weeks left (one transfer lasts 6 weeks, there is 17 transfers in a mission) on his mission! I am leading the area so it will be interesting because Elder Tembo is 27 and has been a missionary a lot longer than me… but I am so excited to have an African companion. They are so so so much fun! Hopefully he will teach me some of his mother tongue (Shona). It will be interesting for sure!

This week we met this guy where we do service about twice a week it is a bakery that a member owns. We had an appointment with one of the cake bakers and when we went to meat him we didn’t expect too much because this guy is quite a joker so we did not think he was serious. But as soon as he sat down he told us about how he loved the sacrament and how he loved going to church because it’s the only time in his life he has felt gods love. During the lesson we explained about the Book of Mormon and we asked him to pray about it. The spirit was so strong in there you could have touched it. God can answer prayers if you ask with real intent. I know if this man were not serious there would have been no spirit. It put a perspective into my eyes that I need to give everyone a chance for the gospel. Because Gods sees them for who they really are.

For p day today we went into Kampala, which was fun. I always enjoy traffic!  Also to give some people a perspective on how bad we stick out as 1 white people and 2 missionaries

We were walking down the street and it appeared that no one was on the road. But in the distance we here a kid yell “muzuigu” all of the sudden kids from every house, tree, and other hiding places that only god knows where they were. In the course of 1 minuet kids, like 50, swarmed us. If I could ever imagine the zombie apocalypse it would be about that. But every time it happens I love it! You just do a fist bump with them and speak there language small small and it makes there day! And the mommas just laugh and give you mango! We have a bag of 30 in our house!

​​Hope all is well! I’m safe and well fed

Love you all!

Elder Moncur

Floods in the rainy season! We saw lots of fun stuff in the water!​

week 27 floods